Heart You

By: Rene Folsom

Kara hesitated slightly, causing me to stop and look up at her from between her legs. I didn’t need to say anything before she smiled and gave me a small nod of approval.

I began to tease her, kissing her inner thigh and trying to get her to relax. Out of pure reaction to being tickled, she started to close her legs, but I firmly pushed them apart once more.

“I am dying to taste every inch of you,” I admitted with my mouth tantalizingly close to her core.

“Yes!” she breathed. Now she was panting and writhing under me, letting me know she was more than ready.

“Yes, what?” I teased. I knew what she wanted. But I was dying to hear her say it out loud.

Kara picked up her head again and looked at me positioned between her legs. Staring into my eyes, she begged, “Lick me. Taste me. Make me come. Please.”

My low chuckle quickly turned into a sensual growl as I used my thumbs to separate her folds, exposing her swollen, damp sensitive area. The sensation of my tongue coming in contact with her clit made her tremble in my arms. The taste of her on my tongue sent electric currents up my body, through my belly, and to my breasts.

I splayed my hand over her belly to keep her still and continued my assault with my tongue. Her fingers threaded in my hair and I could feel every one of my muscles tighten, attempting to gain control of myself and take it slow.

With my ass now completely exposed as I bent over to please Kara, I could feel Daniel probing his way toward my pussy. Giving the guy a little direction, I brought one hand down between my legs and felt he was wearing a rubber. In a silent thank you for wrapping it up, I took control and guided his dick into my opening.

Once he had inched his way fully inside me, he slowly pulled back out then slammed back into me with a forceful thrust that made me cry out as I buried my mouth against Kara’s clit.

She tensed and tightened her grip in my hair just as I brought my hand up and thrust my finger inside her, causing her to let out a strangled cry. My tongue continued against her clit as I gently inserted another finger inside, curling them upward to hit her sweet spot.

She trembled uncontrollably, her legs shaking against my shoulders, as Daniel kept up with his vigorous rhythm inside me. The idea of pleasing her made tendrils of lust radiate through my body. The fact I had a man who obviously knew what he was doing heightened that desire.

“More. I need more,” Kara gasped as I continued to pleasure her.

In response to her pleading, and despite delightful distractions from Daniel’s continuous pounding, I sucked her clit into my mouth, sending her over the edge. She moaned helplessly and her body began to quiver as her orgasm started to overtake her. She tasted so sweet—I couldn’t help but lave up every drop of her.

As her trembling began to wane, I lifted my head and examined her, enjoying how magnificent she looked when her senses were overrun by ecstasy.

As soon as her eyes eased open, she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me into a kiss, causing Daniel to pull out as I climbed on top of Kara.

Her kiss muffled my groan of pleasure, the sweetest sound of agony. I was hungry and she was mine.

“Mmmm. You taste good with my juices all over your lips and tongue,” Kara said as she licked the side of my mouth.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Daniel grumbled as he repositioned himself inside me and persisted his rigorous assault on me from behind. His pounding caused me to cry out a slew of sounds with each additional thrust while still straddling over Kara. I could feel him start to tremble as his climax was closing in on him but I desperately wanted to come before him.

His animalistic rhythm became wild and fierce as Kara watched beneath me. Obviously noticing I needed a little more stimulation, she slowly trailed her fingers down my body, causing a shiver to roll through my skin. Steadily, she reached my pussy and began to finger my clit.

The touch of her hand on my sensitive bud was my undoing. My mouth opened, but Kara’s lips suddenly pressing to mine muffled my scream. Each nerve ending in my body was sensitive. Shocks of pleasure swelled to my core with every simple touch. My entire body bowed, writhed, and I came completely apart.

My body continued to spasm as waves of pleasure rippled through me like an incoming tidal wave. Exquisite pleasure bombarded me and rained down over my body with each flick of her tongue and pulse of her finger against my sweet spot.

My sobs echoed over the room and I fought for breath as pleasure overtook me, robbing me of my sense of reality.

“Oh, fuck!” Daniel’s groan splintered the air with pure pleasure as my own orgasm continued to overwhelm me. Spasm upon spasm rippled through my body with each thrust of Kara’s finger and each drive of Daniel’s cock deep inside me.

Digging his fingers into my hips, his groans began to wane. He then slowed and took a more tender pace as I milked the last of his release.

I collapsed on top of Kara and rested my head on her shoulder. Daniel’s hips twitched, continuing to pump against me in short, jerky motions until he finally stopped and his harsh breathing rasped against my ear. Kara’s lips grazed the base of my neck as her breath warmed my skin.

“Oh, my. That was…” words failed me as I tried to think of a word worthy enough of this pleasure.