In My Arms

By: Taryn Plendl

“Are you always this sarcastic?” He wondered out loud, tilting his head to the side.

“Are you always this rude?” I countered.

We both stared at each other for a few awkward seconds before Talia took that moment to come bounding back to the bar. She flagged down the bartender and asked for another Cosmo before she turned and quite unabashedly analyzed the man next to me.

“Wow Ava, who’s your friend?” My tad-more-than-tipsy petite blonde friend blurted out.

I gave her one of my best annoyed looks before glancing back at the hot muscular guy and nonchalantly shrugging my shoulders. “Oh, we’re not friends, just a casual chat that has run its course.” I shrugged as I stepped down from my stool, “If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the restroom.” I turned and walked away without a second glance back—which I had to literally threaten myself not to do.



I watched the beautiful young woman walk away. God she was breathtaking—average height with curves in all of the right areas—all woman. Long brown hair, golden brown eyes that—for brief moments—had fire in them as she talked to me. It was obvious that she was independent with a stubborn side. One that I couldn’t help but be drawn to. I was used to women throwing themselves at me, and it was nice to have a bit of a challenge once in awhile.

I always seemed to go the easy route when it came to women. I enjoyed their company, but not for too long. I think that some people aren’t cut out for relationships. I couldn’t stand the jealousy that comes with it. Women could be downright catty and mean when they were jealous. It was a very unattractive quality.

“So, what’s your name?” I’d almost forgotten that the bouncy blonde was still standing next to me.

“Uh, Trevor.” I stammered, taking in the highly intoxicated woman.

“Well Uh Trevor, do you see something you like?” Talia observed, watching as my eyes followed her friend. She raised her eyebrows as she sipped her pink drink.

“Excuse me?” I faltered, not wanting to give the girl the wrong idea.

“Please! Not me silly, my friend Ava.” She balked, nodding in the direction of beautiful woman who had basically monopolized my attention for the last hour.


“Yes, Ava Murphy. The one who has you drooling.” She spoke with a slight slur. “You know, she isn’t always such a bitch. She’s just overly cautious right now. Some dick really did a number on her.” Before I could respond, the blonde was back out on the dance floor. I felt a little awkward with the details I had just been given, I mean who spills shit like that to a stranger about their friend?

“There you are man.” My friends Nick and Tom bellied up to the bar next to me. “You wondered off so quickly, we there might have been a reason why, but here you are alone. Pathetic.” Nick shook his head in mock disgust.

“I did find something of interest, but she totally blew me off.” I tried to keep the irritation out of my voice, but I didn’t do a very good job of it, and my asshole friends were extremely amused.

“I thought you were going to take this new city by storm Trevor.” Tom smacked me on the back as he took another draw from his beer.

“Seriously Tom, is your ass jealous of the shit that comes out of your mouth? Just wondering.” They both busted out in full fledged laughter, and I couldn’t help but smile. I had really missed these guys.

Nick, Tom and I had been friends since our freshman year in college at Penn State. After graduation, they had moved to Philadelphia, while I had gone to New York. I spent my first two years in advertising kissing ass, and going nowhere quick. When a job opened in Philadelphia, I jumped on it. There wasn’t anything holding me in New York anyway.

I had finally gotten moved and Nick and Tom had insisted that I go out and see some of the city this weekend before I started my new job on Monday. They seemed to like the club scene, so that’s what we did. There were certainly a lot of hot women here, but I wasn’t really looking at them.

I’d like to say that I spent some time scoping out the scene when we got here, but to be honest, I had spotted Ava almost the moment I’d walked through the door. She looked almost sad as she sat at the bar, but god she was still beautiful, and I couldn’t help but want to try to make her smile. I guess I needed to re-evaluate my moves. She wasn’t smiling when she walked away from me, now was she?

I ordered another beer and kept an eye on the bathroom door for her to make her exit, hoping she would return to the bar, but seriously doubting it. I may have to give it another go. It had taken me way too long to approach her in the first place after I spotted her, and now I risked not ever talking to her again. Yeah, that wasn’t going to happen.

Just when I was ready to give up, thinking I might have missed her, I saw her walk out and stop suddenly when a tall, thin man stepped in front of her. I slipped off the stool and moved across the floor without hesitation, instinctively wanting to protect her. There was something about the look on her face that caught my attention.