In My Arms

By: Taryn Plendl

Before I’d even reached her, I was more than sure I’d been right to worry as the man grabbed Ava’s arm and squeezed, even as she tried to break out of his hold. Taking the last couple strides quicker than I’d intended, I jumped into a plan that I hadn’t even had time to think through—one that could easily blow up in my face. The last thing I needed was to get into a fight my first week in a new city.

“Hey Ava, I was wondering where you got off to.” I draped my arm around Ava’s shoulders. “I suggest you remove your hand.” I stated simply as I watched his face and movements with precise scrutiny—something I had learned through years and years of mixed martial arts. If I knew how to do anything, it was to watch and anticipate people’s moves, and I was undeniably good at it.

“I’m Trevor.” I pulled her closer to me as I openly glared at the man. “Her date.” I clarified when the man glared back at me. Wrong move buddy! I could feel Ava tense slightly under my arm, but she didn’t deny it which made my decision to proceed very easy.

The man reached out and shook my hand firmly. “I’m Kyle, her boyfriend.” He snarled. The man may have been slightly taller than me, but there was no way he would stand a chance if it came to blows.

“Ex!” Ava snapped as she pulled her arm out of Kyle’s grasp. “He is my ex boyfriend.” Ava stressed as she glared openly at him, absentmindedly rubbing her arm where I could see red finger marks beginning to develop. It took all of my willpower to not pummel the cocky man right then and there. I could see that there was a lot more to this story, but now was obviously not the time to figure it out. I just wanted to get her away from this asshole.

“Come on babe, let’s dance.” I gently pulled Ava toward the dance floor, stopping when Kyle grabbed my arm. “Ava doesn’t dance.” He said a little too confident for his own good.

I looked at my arm where Kyle’s hand was holding and then back up to the man. I could see Nick and Tom headed my way out of the corner of my eye, obviously preparing for this to go bad and ready to back me up. I flexed my forearm and looked him in the eyes, daring him to make another move. I guess the menacing look I gave him must have done the trick because Kyle removed his hand before I even spoke.

“She doesn’t huh?” I looked at Ava who looked like she was almost in shock as she tried to figure out what was happening right in front of her. “Well Kyle, maybe she was just waiting for the right partner.” Asshole! “If you’ll excuse us.” I turned Ava back to the dance floor and led her out, still holding her close.

When we were far enough away for Kyle to not hear us, Ava whispered, “I really don’t dance.” I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. “Follow my lead, he’s still watching you.” She trembled slightly and I wondered if she was afraid of me or Kyle.

She answered my question when she put her arms around me and allowed me to pull her against me. She let me to lead her in soft fluid movements, placing my hands on her hips.

“You want to tell me what the hell that was about Trevor? That is your name, right?” Ava asked as she plastered a smile on her face for Kyle’s benefit. Ah, there is that confident woman I saw before.

“I guess I just assumed you needed saving from that guy. Want to talk about it?” I smiled innocently down at her.

“I don’t need saving from anyone, and besides, I don’t even know you. Why would I talk to you about my personal life?” Ava grumbled even as she seemed to lean more into the safety of my arms.

I sighed. God, I wasn’t doing the best job with her so far. I was completely off my game with this girl. “Look, I’m sure you don’t need saving, but when I saw him put his hands on you I saw red.” I wrapped my arms tighter around Ava’s waist, pulling her even closer, instinctively feeling very protective of her. I leaned down closer to her and couldn’t help but smell her hair as it lay across her shoulders. I swore she gasped which made me, in turn, almost groan out loud.

“There is obviously a history there, and if you don’t want to talk about it that’s fine, but no man should put his hands on you, ever.” I growled. Her eyes widened. “I’m sorry Ava.” I was scaring her now.

“I need to go find Talia. It’s late. I really should go home.” She claimed, not sounding very convincing.

Before she could pull back, I leaned down and covered her mouth with mine. She let out an involuntary moan. I ran my hand up her spine and wrapped her hair around my fist, gently pulling back to raise her face. My tongue moved lightly across the seam of her lips, until it was able to slip gently between her parted lips. I made gentle sweeping, swirling motions inside her mouth, delirious by the sweet invasion.

When I felt her tongue begin to mingle with mine, I groaned, nibbling and teasing and taking pleasure from the soft caresses of our lips and tongues moving in sync. Before I was ready, we were forced apart by an overzealous dancer. I steadied her before reclaiming her mouth with another quick kiss. God she was amazing!