In My Arms

By: Taryn Plendl

“Wednesday is fine, but Saturday I’m moving.” She smiled slightly. It was obviously something she was happy about, and it made me want to know more.

“Why are you moving?” I couldn’t help it, I was too curious. I needed to know more about her.

“Um, I was living with Kyle until three weeks ago.” She looked away, and I could tell she didn’t want me to push the subject.

“Do you need help? We could help you move and then all head to the club after.”

“We?” She smiled. “You’re volunteering people now?”

“Yeah, my friends Nick and Tom and of course myself.” I wiggled my eyebrows. I was going to have to owe them big time for this, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to be with her this weekend.

“Ok. My friend Talia is going to help too, and as you probably remember, she is always up for a good time, so I’m sure she will be happy to go clubbing after.” She raised her eyebrow, almost daring me to make another comment about her friend. I was not going down that road again.

“Great! Then it’s settled.” I smiled at her, and for the first time today, she smiled back.

Chapter 4


“That is just crazy!” Talia shook her head in disbelief when I told her about working together with Trevor at the gym on Wednesday. “What are the odds, huh?” She slowed from her run to a walk on the treadmill blotting her flushed face with a towel.

“You’re telling me! You should have seen my face when Mr. Jameson introduced him. I about shit my pants!” I exclaimed.

Trevor and I had been working the last couple days together, and to be honest, I was kind of enjoying his presence in the tiny office we shared. He was funny and light and I was finding myself more and more relaxed around him. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he was some major eye candy either. Yummy! He was also fitting in quite well at the office too. Everyone seemed to like him, especially the women. I was not jealous….not one single bit!

There hadn’t been anymore discussion about the night we met, and I could only assume he’d taken what I’d said to heart and was letting it go. I wish I could follow my own instructions. The last thing I needed right now was to get involved with someone again, but every time I looked at him I had hot-fan myself-toe curling kind of flashbacks of the kiss we shared.

“You have to admit Ava, He is hot!” Talia fanned herself, and I wasn’t sure if it was because of her workout or the thought of Trevor. He certainly had affected me in that way.

“Trust me, I know that. I have to sit across from him every day!” I groaned. “If things stay this way, pretty soon I’m going to need to excuse myself during the day for a little alone time, if you know what I mean.”

“Well, it shouldn’t be anything new for you. You’ve had to take care of yourself like that the entire time you with Kyle. Selfish bastard!” Talia grumbled. I should have never told her that Kyle couldn’t give me an orgasm.

“So, are you coming to the club with us tonight?” I slowed down my own treadmill and took a drink from my water bottle, changing the subject.

“Sorry baby girl! Not this time, I have a date!” I watched Talia stop her machine and wipe her forehead again with her towel.

“A date? With who?”

“Some guy I met at the club on Friday night.”

“You can’t be serious? Do you even remember any of the guys you met that night?” I laughed. “How do you do that? You are nuts!”

She laughed and nodded. “Amen sister! I run with scissors too, because I’m a rebel like that-- yeah! Keeping it real. You underestimate me my friend. It’s a gift.” She winked at me as she headed for the locker room.

Never a dull moment with her!


Me: Looks like it’s just me tonight.

Trevor: Me too.

Me: I can pick you up.

Trevor: Sounds good. 8:00?

Me: Sure.

Trevor: 2247 Ridge Rd. Text when you get here and I’ll come down.

Me: K

I dropped the phone on my aunt’s guest bed and searched through the plastic totes that currently housed my clothes. I couldn’t wait to have a closet again. I was so sick of having to iron everything I own.

I finally decided on an outfit and headed across the hall to the bathroom for a quick shower. I couldn’t help but feel excited for so many reasons. I’d been looking forward to working on a big project for years now, and I finally have the chance to do something that could prove my worth to the company. Granted, I am working on it with a partner, but I guess if I had to work with anyone, Trevor is about the best bet. Oh yes! Brains and looks wrapped up in a tight little package!

In just the short couple of days we had been working together, I could see enough to know that he and I think through a lot of things the same way. Our styles are complementary of each other’s, and the things we differ on, have not been deal breakers.

I pulled my hair up and stood in front of the mirror. Knee high boots. Check! Short skirt. Check! Form fitting shirt with a great bra! Check! “Well Ava, this is as good as it’s going to get.” I tell myself.