Ironic Sacrifice

By: Brooklyn Ann

Jayden rose from the table and slowly walked to Razvan. She was so close to him that she had to tilt her head upward to meet his eyes.

“Well, now what?” she asked with more bravado than she felt.

For the longest time he was silent, trapping her eyes with his, making her feel she was falling into their blackness. He raised a pale hand and she flinched, but he only touched her hair.

“Your hair reminds me of spun rubies,” he whispered.

“Um… yours is pretty too,” she said awkwardly. He was so frightening, so beautiful, that it made it difficult for her to think.

“Remove your robe,” he commanded softly.

It was time, she realized. Now she would fall into the arms of this exquisite creature and he would sink his fangs into her throat and slowly drain the pain that was her life away into oblivion. Solemnly she untied the belt and slipped the robe from her shoulders, allowing it to fall into a fluffy puddle on the floor. Some part of her recoiled at being naked in front of a stranger, but the rest quivered with desire.

His cool hands reached out. One caressed her breasts; the other ran lightly down her hip, drawing a tremulous gasp from her lips. He pulled her against him and the feel of his body against hers made her heart pound even harder. Surprisingly, with her ear against his chest, she heard his heart beat in answer. Funny, she didn’t think a vampire would have a pulse. Her thoughts were banished when he cupped her chin and tilted her head to meet his obsidian eyes. The Keats poem sang once more in her mind.

Now more than ever seems it rich to die.

To cease upon the midnight with no pain.

While thou art pouring forth thy soul abroad

In such an ecstasy…

“You are beautiful, Jayden Leigh,” Razvan whispered in a voice that made her shiver from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

His lips lowered to capture hers and she began to shake even harder. Jayden wrapped her arms around him as the power of his kiss washed over her, filling her with electrifying sensations. His tongue caressed her lower lip before plunging in to dance against hers. Her knees weakened and she collapsed against him.

God, she’d never dreamed it would be this good.

Razvan lifted her and lowered her onto the bed, all the while continuing the kiss. The weight of his body on hers felt so delicious that a low moan escaped her lips. His hair tumbled down to rest against her shoulder and her hand rose up to tangle in it. It was softer than it looked. His mouth trailed from her lips down her jaw and when he began to kiss her neck she gasped loudly and ground her hips against his. Suddenly, his body broke contact with hers and he sat up. Jayden whimpered, audibly bereft. But he was only removing his black silk shirt.

Not only was Death beautiful of face, he was exquisite of form as well. His sculpted chest was reminiscent of Michelangelo’s David. She couldn’t believe that this satiny flesh was being pressed against hers. If only all women could die like this…

Then, he kissed her again and all coherent thoughts were dashed away. His hips moved against hers with demanding force and Jayden reveled in the intoxicating spell this so-called monster wove around her.

His hands caressed her all over, making her feel cherished, even prized. After what seemed like an eternity, Razvan’s lips once again trailed from her now swollen lips to her throat. This time, she felt the sharp prick of his fangs piercing her flesh. The sensation was painful but there was a poignant undertone of pleasure that seemed to expand as her blood flowed out of her veins and into his mouth. Dying feels so wonderful. Desperately, she clung to him, for already dizziness was taking her over and delicious blackness was hovering near, waiting to close its welcome arms over her.

The vampire made a low dangerous sound, pulling her from the brink of darkness. His fangs withdrew from her throat and his body lifted from hers. She could hear the rustle of his pants as he removed them.

His weight settled back onto her body and suddenly he thrust inside her. Jayden cried out in surprise and overwhelming pleasure. His fangs plunged into her neck again. Her hips writhed against his until they were both undulating in a mindless dance of ecstasy. Razvan’s arms tightened around her as the climax overtook her with unfathomable insanity. She shook and trembled beneath him, feeling as if she were struck by multiple blasts of lightning.

The last sight Jayden beheld before the blackness claimed her was glowing eyes and blood-dripping fangs set within a visage whose beauty took her breath away. The last thing she heard was a masculine growl of pleasure that pulled at her heartstrings. Then there was nothing.


Razvan withdrew from Jayden’s exquisite body, still panting with ecstasy. Immediately, he checked her pulse. It was a little weaker than he would like, and there were dark circles under her eyes. An unpleasant sensation built in his gut, overcoming the pleasure still singing in his loins. He’d only felt this particular sensation a few times before, but he was quick to identify the feeling: guilt.

Slowly he got out of the bed and bit his finger, smearing his blood across the puncture wounds on Jayden’s neck to heal them, fighting off this new and alien urge to leave them displayed to the world.