Ironic Sacrifice

By: Brooklyn Ann

“I have control over my thoughts.” Something that almost sounded like respect tinged his voice. “You will not see what I do not wish you to. Don’t worry, dear pet, I will get help for you to control your powers as well. That way, you will only have visions when you choose to.”

“You can do that?” Tentative hope bloomed in her breast. Perhaps belonging to this creature wouldn’t be so bad. She would give anything to have her sanity back…anything.

“Of course,” Razvan said. The arrogance and amusement returned to his tone. “I am a Lord Vampire.”

No way! Not only did she end up with a vampire, he was also a big boss vampire? “Is that a power thing, or political?”

He inclined his head in a mock bow. “Are they not the same?”

“Well… I guess so, but I meant, what does being a Lord Vampire entail? How did you get the job?” She couldn’t help her curiosity.

Razvan grinned. “I control the vampire community in my city. Any who live and hunt there need my approval. If one wants to open a business they must go through me. And if any want to enter my city, they must offer gifts and beg my approval.”

“Vampires run businesses?” she asked in disbelief.

“Of course,” he replied patiently. “We need money too. What did you think? That we skulk around cemeteries, sleep in sewers?” He turned to rest his back against the railing, a deceptively casual pose. “Power grows with age. Only centuries-old vampires can be Lords and I am probably the oldest in the region… well, besides the Lord of Seattle. I don’t know which of us is eldest.”

Jayden chewed on a fingernail. “How old are you?”

“Nine hundred and fifty? Sixty? I cannot recall exactly.”

The offhand manner of his grandiose statement made her feel as if she was in another dimension, but she didn’t doubt his words. He reeked of power. Nine hundred years, what could one possibly learn and experience in that amount of time?

Razvan broke the silence. “Tonight, you shall meet the Lord of this city…and his pet. She is extraordinary. I may have claimed her for myself if Silas hadn’t gotten her first.”

Jayden fought off a surge of jealousy. Don’t be ridiculous. She chided herself. You’re not supposed to want to be a pet!

She turned to deliver a scathing retort, but he had pulled out his phone and was ordering a cab. The sight of the ancient vampire using a cell phone like a normal person added to the realization that Jayden was far out of her element.

“Well,” he said after putting away his phone. “We had best get your bags packed.”

The cab ride was over before she had a chance to worry much over meeting another vampire. They stopped at an auto-repair shop on the corner of 15th and Sherman. Jayden was perplexed. She’d expected a fancy mansion. The neon “Open” sign glowed a bright blue. She frowned. She’d also expected any auto shop to be closed at this hour.

Razvan winked at her. “Silas is out hunting. I don’t believe you would like to witness that. For now, there is someone I would like you to meet. ”

Chapter Four

Jayden stared at the girl in grease-stained coveralls that entered the office of “Resurrection Wrenches.” She couldn’t be more than five feet tall. Her mop of black ringlets framed a cherub-like face with amethyst eyes, a button nose and Cupid’s bow lips. Only the steely cynicism in her eyes and the curves of her breasts under the coveralls revealed her to be a grown woman.

Those lilac eyes met Jayden’s and widened. For a moment it looked like she would speak to her, but then she turned to Razvan.

“Whaddya want, asshole?” she demanded.

Jayden gasped, terrified that the vampire would destroy her for speaking to him so rudely. Razvan laughed and bowed to her.

“Akasha, fair Lady of this glorious city.” His tone was all exaggerated formality with his signature touch of mockery. “I bring you the good tidings that I have finally found a pet mortal whose beauty comes close to matching yours. I beseech you to guard her whilst I seek your master.”

Akasha’s gaze whipped to Jayden. “No shit, really?” She turned back to Razvan with a glare. “He’s not my master, he’s my husband.” Without waiting for a reply, she darted to the window and turned off the neon sign that said “Open.”

“Let’s go into the shop. You need to tell me what the fuck is going on.” She tossed back her mass of curls and marched through the door.

Jayden blinked. This woman did not match her packaging.

Razvan bowed to Akasha and urged Jayden forward with a hand at the small of her back. She had never been inside the service area of a car repair shop before. It struck her as odd that this one didn’t have a waiting room. The smell of oil, grease, and metal was as overpowering as it was fascinating. Cars and trucks of various makes and years were up on hydraulic lifts with their hoods open and their guts exposed. A Siamese cat peered at them from a car window before disappearing from view.

Akasha pushed two wheeled stools their way and went to a mini fridge next to a royal purple toolbox. “Do ya want a beer…lady?”