Love or Duty:Moan For Uncle 5

By: Terry Towers

Chapter 1

Nikki sighed as she snuggled her back against Grant's hard, warm body, basking in the tenderness of his embrace. Brushing her long, dark hair away from her neck, Grant placed a string of kisses from her earlobe to her shoulder, igniting her simmering desire for him. As his sensual kisses teased her neck he slid his arm around her waist and his fingers spread out across her belly - which would soon be showing that she was carrying his child - and gently pulled her bottom tight against his hardening cock.

Nikki placed her smaller hand over his, slipping her fingers between his. "Just a little more than a week from now and it'll be official." She looked back over her shoulder so her vibrant blue eyes could meet his grey ones. As their eyes locked, she gave him a soft smile, which he returned and she felt a surge of affection flow through her.

It had been a rough journey so far; it wasn't every day that you fell in love with your uncle. Luckily for them, he'd been adopted, so technically they weren't related by blood, just by circumstance. However, that hadn't changed the way people - her parents included - took the news of their love and intention to marry.

They had finally gotten themselves to the point where their friends and family began to accept, albeit reluctantly, their relationship when - due to a clerical error, thanks to the agency he worked for - they found out Grant was still technically married. But with the divorce now officially completed and his ex-wife out of the picture, they could finally get on with becoming Mr. and Mrs. Grant Rivers.

"Do you realize how many times over the past few years I’ve fantasized about this - about being with you?" she asked.

Grant nipped at her shoulder and chuckled, that deep, throaty sound that brought her passion up another notch.

"I'd listen in on your discussions with dad," she continued, "when you two thought mom and I were sleeping and heard all the wild stories of your sex-capades while on missions and then go to my room and pretend I was the one you'd been with."

Laughing outright, Grant urged her onto her back. His eyes, gleaming with amusement, captured hers. "Why in God's name would you do that?"

Nikki stroked his jaw that was just beginning to show signs of an evening shadow. "Cause you were the 'James Bond' of the family. Sexy and mysterious. All women fantasize about men like you, it just so happens that I knew my sexy 007 man personally, so I'd visualize you when I masturbated."

His face reddened slightly, though he continued to snicker as he peered down on her and he rolled his eyes. "I'm not even sure I should be asking this, or if I really want to know, but exactly how long had you been having these little fantasies of me."

"Well, dad told me you had been adopted about three years ago, I think I was sixteen at the time so... pretty much from then on."

Grant shook his head, but the amusement remained in his eyes. "I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be flattered or feel like some creepy old man."

It was Nikki's turn to laugh as she swatted him lightly on the shoulder. "Why would you feel creepy? I was the one doing the fantasizing, not you. And I wasn't the only one. Besides, you were only thirty-two, the perfect age to be the hot, sexy, experienced older man."

Grabbing her around the waist, he pulled her back against his front once again. "Okay, I'll bite. Who else?"

"Most of the girls on my cheerleading squad. They were divided on whether they liked your tight ass or your nice thick..." she made a low, teasing growling sound. "...biceps."

"Silly girl." Grant slipped a hand between her legs and cupped her moist mound as he pressed his hard, thick cock against her bottom. "Well, I have something nice and thick for you and only you. Your little friends will have to keep on fantasizing."

Wiggling her bottom against his dick she closed her eyes and sighed. Grant had told the CIA, the agency where he worked as a field agent that he was taking the next three weeks off for their wedding and their honeymoon. Three whole weeks with him, that in itself felt like a dream come true. Usually the most she ever got - because of his job - was a couple of days a month. It was hard being apart from him so much, and so frequently, but it made the time they spent together more precious.