Predator's Refuge

By: Rosanna Leo

“One.” Marci watched him walk over to the record player, in awe of his manly beauty. Just witnessing the gorgeous flex of his ass muscles had her opening her legs under the sheets in anticipation. As the opening strains of “You Started Something” began to play, Anton turned and stalked back to her. He moved with the sensuality of an erotic dancer and with the finesse of a faith healer. His gaze always on her, he grinned and his taut cock bobbed for her. “So, you think we have some time before we have to head out?”

“Not as much time as I’d like, but enough to make you come with me.” He crawled back into bed, pulled down the sheet covering her, and stared at her body with pure hunger.

“No foreplay,” she said on a moan, extending her hand to him. “Just take me.”

Anton grinned and situated himself between her legs, spreading them. Her heart sped up as she waited for the inevitable, delectable invasion. She never knew what he would do to her, whether he would be gentle or rough, teasing or tender. She loved it all, every last expression of his love for her. As he teased her entrance for just a moment, her pussy reacted and she felt the moisture seep between her inner lips, coating her outer labia. He slid a finger along her seam, and his eyes widened in appreciation of her wetness. He then thrust his hardened length inside her in one delicious thrust.

Marci threw back her head, so excited to be joined to her mate yet again. No matter how many times they made love, it never stopped being new and adventurous. Each coupling only brought them closer, strengthening the connection first made across a customer service desk at the Ursa Lodge. Her lynx now occupied a permanent spot next to his very possessive tiger, and she could almost see the animals in their own tight clutches.

Anton kissed her, exploring her mouth with his tongue, and then gazed into her eyes. Driving deeper inside her, he whispered, “You are my life.”

And as ecstasy claimed her, her kitten purred.

The End