Rather Be Wrong:Ronacks Motorcycle Club

By: Debra Kayn



May 1, 2002 – October 25, 2016


Haugan, Montana —In real life, Haugan is an unincorporated community in Mineral County, Montana. It's sixteen miles from the Idaho border and not far from where I live in Idaho. Haugan is the home to only one business, which happens to be one of my favorite places to go, Lincoln's 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar. I've fictionalized the town to include a main street with enough businesses to keep a motorcycle club afloat.

Chapter One

The music inside Pine Bar and Grill changed from rock to country. Rod Lawson, the vice president of Ronacks Motorcycle Club, stood from the back table and walked straight to the counter where he slapped twenty dollars down in front of Heather who played with the buttons on the stereo.

Curiosity more than music had brought him to the bar tonight.

"I'll make it worth your time to change the station back to the music playing before you turned on that crap." He nodded his chin toward the money.

Heather straightened and eyed him from his head to his waist and back up again. "Are you seriously going to pay me twenty bucks when we both know if you wanted to, you could walk behind the counter and change the stereo yourself?"

"What fun would that be?" He glanced down the bar and back to Heather when she let her amusement out. Her sweet, carefree laughter had him smiling. "I'll make you a deal."

"Yeah? What would that be?"

"You take the money, and when you catch a break between serving customers, you keep me company tonight, and we both benefit from listening to better music," he said.

She shook her head, grinning. "Considering you're my dad's vice president and your president owns the bar and is my boss, I'll change the station for you."

"And what about having your company?"

"I’m easy going." She lifted her shoulder. "I might be able to swing hanging out at the bar more tonight."

"I guess it's a good thing I wore the patch tonight, huh?" He leaned against the counter and winked. "At least you know the officers."

Heather changed the stereo and Radar Love came over the speakers. He ogled the swell of her breasts showing above the line of her shirt.

She stood again, swinging her mahogany hair behind her shoulders, and slid the money back toward him. "Keep the money. I owe you anyway."

"I'd remember if you owed me and so far, you don't." Considering he'd only met her once before and he was with the whole club escorting her into Haugan, he couldn't think of anything he'd done for her.

She leaned over the bar and tapped his lower lip with her finger. "How could you forget that I've met these lips before?" She raised her perfectly arched eyebrows and lowered her hand. "You healed nicely."

He instantly licked where she'd touched, hoping to get a taste of her skin. "I've already forgotten about it," he said lying.

That first impression of her stayed with him, and he'd thought of little else for the last three weeks. She'd split his lip something good with a remarkable right hook the day he'd helped escort her to Swiss, her dad, and his best friend. He'd accidently surprised her at a rest area on the northwestern border of Montana, and she'd punched him in the face thinking he was going to abduct her. He'd exchanged a few words with her and straightened the problem out, then delivered her to Swiss.

"I hope my dad passed on my apologies again." She grabbed two mugs from under the counter and stepped over to the tap.

From the new angle, he had a view of her long bare legs below her shorts and the curve of her ass. He sat on the nearest stool content to watch her work.

"Swiss mentioned you were sorry." Rod rubbed his thumb against the grain of the wood. "No harm done."

She placed her hand over his, stopping his movement, squeezed his hand, and quickly let go. "How about a drink?"

"Yeah, I'll take a whiskey when you get a chance," he said.

She smiled. "Give me two shakes, and I'll be back to get your drink."

He dipped his chin and watched her round the counter and wait on her customers. Fuck, she was pretty. Tall and curvy with dark brown hair that brushed the middle of her back. He wasn't only drawn to her body. She had confidence without being obvious. To look at her, he'd believe nothing riled her, but he knew differently. His lip had been the recipient of all that sass, and he liked watching her lose control.

Heather came back around and pulled a bottle off the back shelf, holding it in front of her for his approval. He winked in approval. She poured him a tumbler going over the two fingers limit the bar held to house standard.

He picked up the glass she slid across the bar and swirled the liquid. He suspected her mistake on giving him more alcohol than normal wasn't because she was new to working at the bar but because she'd found out he preferred holding on to one glass rather than to ask for two. "You've been asking around about me?"

"Maybe." She kept his gaze. "Does that bother you?"

Hell, he was used to women who partied with Ronacks coming to him for a good time. Usually, the women he got with were straight forward with their intent. He had no use for games or wasting time softening them up to the idea of having sex with him.