Riding Out the Storm

By: Emma Jay


To Linda and JP, for challenging me.


Emma Jay



“For a sexy romp that will leave you panting for more, and a romance that makes your heart sigh, pick up this book. But keep either a cold shower running or a significant other handy…you’ll need it.”

~Poppy, Whipped Cream Reviews


“I loved this short story. An office romance is always a treat and Ms. Jay uses every office scenario available to put Veronica and Vicente into delightful positions. Full of humor, surprises and some of the hottest sex I’ve ever read, this book is a treat for the libido. This is another to put in your bedtime stories pile!”

~Magnolia, Whipped Cream Reviews

“I squirmed on my chair with the sizzling sex. I cheered for them in the end because they got what they deserved. If only we could all deserve as much.”

~Seriously Reviewed

“Emma Jay does a great job with Show Off; the sex between Veronica and Vicente is hot. And while the chemistry is evident from the start, she still manages to build the tension in each scene.

~Sandie, Fallen Angel Reviews

Chapter One

March 3

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected] straitads.com

Subject: Thanks!

Hi Ethan,

Dinner was great last night. I’d never been to Florio’s. Best lasagna ever. Have leftovers for lunch.

Couldn’t sleep thinking about the kiss. I’ve been thinking about your lips all day, and the way you played your fingers through my hair. Sexiest thing ever.



March 3

Subject: re: Thanks!


Dinner again tomorrow? There’s a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place by my house. Really good.

Also, meet me in the copy room in five.



Jill Gavin rose and glanced around, certain that anyone within view could see the neon sign over her head: Going To Make Out With Co-Worker. Okay, she couldn’t be sure that was his intention, because they’d only been on one date, but that one date had ended in a perfect kiss. She wanted about a million more of those.

She grabbed a stack of papers off her desk which was always filled with papers, and headed for the copy room, not making eye contact. She didn’t want anyone to kill this buzz.

Ethan Dewitt stood at the copier, hands braced on either side of the machine. Jill took a moment to appreciate the look of him. She’d always liked big guys, which was part of what drew her to him. He kept his dark brown hair cut close to his head, which accented his lean-planed, strong-jawed face. The neatly pressed work shirts he always wore showed off his broad shoulders. His long, long legs were encased in loose-fitting khakis that did nothing to disguise his excellent ass, which was another part that drew her to him.

Okay, she wasn’t that shallow. He was soft-spoken and thoughtful and clever and had a great smile—which he gifted her with now as he looked over his shoulder at her. She stood frozen for a moment, papers clutched to her. He glanced at them and the grin widened.

“Was my invitation convenient, or is that your excuse for being here?”

She crossed the room and set the rumpled papers on the machine by his right hand. She wasn’t accustomed to being uncomfortable around men, but her relationship with Ethan—this was something new, and her goals for what she wanted had changed over the last year.

Ethan took her hand and stepped back from the machine, inclining his head toward the supply closet door. A thrill rolled through her, which wouldn’t have happened a year ago, not when she was too jaded for a simple touch to excite her. Now, when he rubbed his thumb over the back of her knuckles, her knees weakened. Her knees hadn’t gone weak at the touch of a man since she was in high school—until he’d kissed her last night.

He drew a key from his front pocket, dangled it for a minute, then opened the locked supply closet. She glanced behind her to see if anyone else noticed, and followed him into the dark alcove.

Once the door was closed behind them, he flipped on the dim overhead light—how could anyone find anything in here—and pressed her against the shelves. He cupped her face in his big hand and lowered his mouth to hers. His lips were firm and dry as they covered hers, filling her with his minty taste. She smiled, imagining him popping a breath mint before emailing her. That was the last coherent thought she had as she wrapped her arms around his wide shoulders. He angled his head, taking the kiss deeper, his tongue teasing her lips as his thumb stroked over her cheek. Savoring her, she realized. Treasuring her. When was the last time that had happened?

She glided her palms over his shoulders, down the hard muscles of his chest, and she barely swallowed the whimper of appreciation. His ass had clued her in that he was probably built, but the proof was beneath her hands.

And damn, he could kiss, lips and tongue caressing, slanted over hers to delve deeper. But he never touched more than her face, his other hand braced behind her on the shelf, holding his weight off her when all she wanted was for him to press against her. She shifted forward, so her breasts pressed against his chest, her arms twined about his neck, her hips tilted against his thighs so that, yes, oh, yes. That was what she’d been missing, his arousal growing against her belly.