Riding Out the Storm

By: Emma Jay

Maybe she needed to go walk out in the blizzard to cool off a bit. Instead, she sat up, wiped her hands along her jeans, and headed for the bathroom.

“Whoa, where are you going?” Zach asked.

She didn’t look at him. “To get ready for bed.”

“Sweetheart, you told me what you planned to wear for bed. You’ll freeze your pretty titties off wearing it.”

She rolled her eyes. “I meant brushing my teeth, stuff like that. Do I have your permission to pass?”

He swept his hand in the direction of the bathroom. She heard the rumble of the men’s voices as she attended to her needs—not her most pressing need—and tried to make out their words. Despite the thin walls of the motel, she couldn’t, not with the TV on. She hoped they were being civil, especially after Zach’s remarks. She hadn’t seen them interact much in the office and certainly hadn’t expected to be spending this much time with both of them.

While a part of her was aroused by the idea of Zach watching, she didn’t want to turn Ethan off. And she wanted to keep what was between her and Ethan, well, between her and Ethan, until she knew what it meant, where it was going, if it was more than just sex. She’d done some wild things in her past but she was a new woman now, with new goals. One man, one relationship. Maybe marriage and kids. She was almost thirty.

Teeth clean, though her body still hummed, she stepped out of the bathroom. Zach was right—she hadn’t brought any proper pajamas. She was going to have to sleep in her sweatshirt and hope that Ethan could keep her warm. She was pretty sure he was up to the task.

He sat on the side of the bed when she returned, his knees between the two beds, his expression unreadable, though his gaze followed her. When she would go around the bed to the opposite side, away from Zach, he caught her hand and drew her to him, between his parted knees. She frowned down at him as he held both her hands between their bodies, but he gave her no clue about his intention. She wanted to glance over her shoulder at Zach, who sat against his headboard, but didn’t want to look away from Ethan.

Finally, Ethan placed her hands on his shoulders and slid his hands around her waist, beneath her sweatshirt, as he drew her close and angled his head up to kiss her. She lowered her mouth to his as he stroked her spine with his fingertips, and discovered this was no gentle good night kiss. Her pulse pounded as his lips molded to hers, as his tongue swept along her lower lip before delving into her mouth, as he lifted the sweatshirt to bare her breasts.

Heat shot to her pussy, and she pressed her suddenly-weak knees to the insides of his thighs. He was going to let Zach watch. Jesus, the idea had her cunt melting hot and she wanted to do it now, now, now. She broke the kiss long enough to strip off her sweatshirt and toss it on the bed behind him before she cupped his head in her hands and dragged his mouth back to hers. He coasted his hands up over her breasts, flicking the nipples, rubbing his thumbs over them until they were aching points, before he dropped his hands to her waistband. He unhooked her jeans with ease, but she was too impatient to wait for him to push them down. She backed away long enough to strip them off herself, leaving them puddled in the narrow space between the two beds. When she moved close again, Ethan closed his mouth over her breast, sucking hard on her nipple as his hands rested on her hips.

She could barely catch her breath as excitement pulsed through her, swelling her cunt, her breasts aching, her skin tingling. She couldn’t believe she was naked in a room with two men. Any of the wild things she’d done before—the time she’d fucked her high school sweetheart on the roof of her house when she was seventeen came to mind—didn’t match this level of crazy.

She heard the rustle of fabric behind her on the other bed, and the sound of flesh on flesh. Zach was touching himself. She wanted to watch, but didn’t take her attention from Ethan. She had the feeling this was some kind of test and she wanted to pass it more than anything in the world.

Another rustle, a creak of the other mattress, and fingertips caressed her ass. Not Ethan. Zach had moved from his bed and was touching her ass as Ethan sucked her breast. The sound that emerged from her throat startled her as she pushed her hips toward Ethan. He released her breast and looked up at her.

“Get naked,” she managed, feeling empty and hot and mindless. “God, Ethan, now.”

He set her away from him—toward Zach, whose fingertips trailed up her spine before he pressed his lips against the small of her back, his stubble scraping the sensitive skin. Her legs quivered from the pulse of pleasure that shot through her. She barely realized that Ethan had shucked his sweats until he lifted his shirt over his head and closed his hands over her waist to pull her to him.

Shamelessly, she rubbed her stomach against his thrusting cock, then pressed her hands to his shoulders, urging him back to the bed. “I want to be on top.”

“I want you to suck me.”

Those words from his lips surprised her, and she smiled. She eased down on the edge of the bed between his legs, conscious of Zach behind her, watching her ass, no doubt seeing how wet she was, smelling her. She lifted her hips higher, showing herself to him. He cursed, and the rhythm of his hand on his own dick increased. But Ethan’s cock rose before her, thick and long and tasty. She’d wanted to indulge in this earlier, but had been in such a hurry to get him inside her pussy. She still wanted that, but teasing him could be fun, too. She closed her fingers around his erection, bringing it to her lips.