Riding Out the Storm

By: Emma Jay

He turned toward the table. “I also procured a bottle of wine from the manager, for a small fortune. Do you know they only sell alcohol in liquor stores here? How the hell do they keep warm?”

“Where’d you get the food?” Jill approached the table as Ethan unpacked the sandwiches and fries.

“There’s a diner just on the other side of the motel. Pretty crowded, too. I guess a lot of people are stranded here.”

“Thanks for doing this,” Ethan said, waiting until Jill sat in the chair before taking a seat on the heater. Not since college had he had to deal with another man knowing the intimacies of his sex life, and he’d forgotten how to deal.

“Yeah, my pleasure. Was it worth it?” he asked Jill.

“So worth it.” She popped a fry in her mouth and winked at Ethan, clearly dealing with Zach’s openness better than he was. “Open the wine. There are cups by the sink.”

Dinner was cold but satisfying. The wine, a cheap merlot, mellowed him from the tension in the room, and from the desire to have Zach leave again so he could make love to Jill, this time taking it slow, savoring every inch of her smooth skin. The sex had been amazing, even accounting for the anticipation. Now, watching her, smelling her on his skin—he was getting hard again. Damn it, why couldn’t Zach have gotten his own room?

After dinner was cleaned up, Zach turned on the TV. The satellite dish was out, so they received three fuzzy channels, all talking about the late spring blizzard and predicting more snow on the way. Ethan fired up his laptop, hoping for something to take his mind off Jill and what he wanted to do to her.

“So we’re stuck here.” Zach turned down the sound and sat on his bed with a bounce. He looked at Ethan. “You getting Internet?”

“I have a wireless stick. But it’s taking awhile.”

Zach turned to Jill. “Did you bring a book?”

“No, I didn’t really plan on having any down time.” She grinned at Ethan and curled up on the bed beside him.

He smiled back and dropped a kiss to her soft mouth, drawing it out just a bit too long. Blood surged to his groin, and he closed his hand into a fist to stop himself from reaching under her sweatshirt.

Oblivious, Zach folded his hands behind his head and flopped back on his own mattress. “Right, so what am I supposed to do?”

“You can try my laptop.” Ethan held the machine out, one-handed.

Zach ignored him and propped himself on his elbow to face them. “I tell you what. You two have sex and I’ll watch.”

Ethan denied the flash of arousal that shot through him at the thought, intensified by the way Jill sucked in a breath. Ethan closed the laptop and set it on the bedside table, not looking at either of them. “What? No.”

“Come on. It could be my own personal porn show.”

“Why do guys like to watch porn, anyway?” Jill rested her hand on Ethan’s chest as she looked across him to Zach. “Do you imagine yourself there? Being the one fucking the girl?”

“Why do you read those sexy romances?” Zach countered. “Do you imagine yourself fucking the guy?”

“It’s different. It’s in my imagination, not on a TV screen.” She turned her head toward Ethan. “Do you watch porn, Ethan?”

He was having the damnedest time controlling his erection. He’d never spoken openly about sex, about porn, with Kit. Maybe he should have. Still, he could feel heat creep up his throat. “Sometimes.”

“Ah, don’t let him fool you. All guys jerk off every day. If he’s not watching porn, he’s fantasizing about someone.”

Jill curved her fingers against his cheek and smiled. “Me. Fantasizing about me.”

“You bet.” He leaned down and kissed her softly, turning just enough that his hard-on brushed the back of her hand. He took her gasp of awareness into his mouth and despite himself, moved against her again.

“Hey, look, found a baseball game,” Zach announced, cranking up the volume.

Jill nestled closer to Ethan. “I feel warmer just seeing the sunshine.”

“I’ll keep you warm,” Ethan said, aware of how possessive he sounded and not much caring. He shifted so she was closer to the TV, and he curved his body around her, resting his hand on her stomach. Her ass nestled against his erection and she gave a sigh of satisfaction that told him she knew just what she was doing.

“I’m going to get under the covers,” she announced, thinking he could have all the freedom he wanted to touch her under there, without Zach seeing.

Zach didn’t look away from the television and Ethan helped her slide under the flimsy blanket and bedspread before he joined her. Once they were settled, he slipped his hand under the hem of her sweatshirt and covered her breast, his fingers plucking her taut nipple. Her breath stuttered, and she reached inside the waistband of his sweatpants. Her long clever fingers wrapped around his hard cock and she swirled her thumb over the head before sliding down the length in a long, practiced stroke. He choked at the sensation. She squeezed and stroked with surprising dexterity, considering the angle.