Riding Out the Storm

By: Emma Jay

Zach’s gaze flicked in their direction and he rolled his eyes, but turned back to the game. “I’m not going back out there just so the two of you can fuck.”

“We’re not asking you to,” Jill said, but removed her hand from Ethan’s cock.

Ethan almost groaned his frustration. Damn it, he usually had more control than this, but on top of his desire for Jill, he was turned on by touching her with Zach just a few feet away. Jesus, what a pervert.

“No, you’re just fumbling around under there like teenagers who think Daddy doesn’t know what’s going on.” He turned onto his side on the bed. “Let me watch.”

Ethan felt a shudder of desire tremble through her body, and he tightened his grip on her breast as another surge of lust rushed to his cock. On one hand, he wanted to protect Jill, to keep her to himself. On the other hand, Jesus, he wanted to be inside her. And they wouldn’t be getting rid of Zach any time soon.

Chivalry beat out libido. “I don’t think so.” Ethan withdrew his hand from under her sweatshirt and rolled onto his back, unable to touch her without this uncontrollable hunger. She shifted away with a frustrated sigh of her own.

“I won’t talk or touch or give pointers or anything. It would just be really hot to watch.”

“I’ve seen myself have sex before,” Ethan said. “Not as hot as you’d think.”

“Filmed yourself?” Zach asked, with a grin.

“When my ex-wife and I were having trouble. We thought it would make it sexier. Turned out the idea of seeing ourselves was sexier than actually seeing ourselves. We didn’t have sex for a long time after that.”

“I find that hard to believe.” Zach sat up. “You look pretty athletic.”

“But not acrobatic. Not graceful in the least.”

“Strong, though,” Jill chimed in. “He had me up against the wall.”

“I never could master that with you.”

A flash of jealousy and something else shot through Ethan. Was it desire at the picture Zach’s words conjured? His hard-on had taken control of his common sense, if he was getting turned on by the image of his woman screwing her old boyfriend.

“So what’s the craziest sex you’ve ever had?” Zach asked, oblivious to the direction of Ethan’s thoughts.

Jill forced a laugh and tossed her head. “Making love to a co-worker in the middle of a blizzard.”

Zach snorted. “You can do better than that.”

She narrowed her eyes at him, probably warning him against saying anything, which only heightened Ethan’s curiosity.

“What about you?” Ethan asked, wondering if he’d regret the question.

Zach grinned. “A four-way.”

“Three girls, no doubt,” Jill said, eliminating Ethan’s worry that she had been part of it. She’d told him she’d been wild, but he didn’t know the extent. Maybe he’d find out tonight.

Zach shook his head. “Two girls and a guy.”

Ethan turned onto his side again and curved his hand on Jill’s hip. He let his fingers stroke up and down through the jeans. She moved back into his erection and bumped gently.

“Did you fuck the guy?” Ethan asked, his voice hoarse with his arousal.

“No, and I didn’t take it, either. I fucked my girl and his. His girl licked my girl off while I was inside her. That was hot. Really fucking hot. And the girls got each other off, a couple of times. Once while the other guy was sucking my dick.”

“You let him?” Ethan and Jill asked together, and Ethan’s hand tightened on her hip.

Zach shrugged like it was no big deal. “The girls wanted to see it. And they fingered each other while he did it, so yeah, totally worth it.”

Jill shifted to look at him. “Have you ever done a three-way?” she asked Ethan.

He could barely focus on her, needing to ease the ache in his balls. Christ, he didn’t think—he never thought a situation like this would make him so hot. He cleared his throat. “Uh. Yeah.”

“Two guys or two girls?”

“Two girls.”

“Now see, I don’t get that. You only have one dick, and they have two holes. Why do you want two girls?”

“Girl on girl,” both men said together.

“Was one your wife?”

He shook his head. “In college. And like Zach said, one licked off the other while I was fucking her. Amazing sensation.”

Jill shivered at the image. The last thing she expected was for Ethan to admit to a dark side. Right now she was so swollen and wet, she didn’t care who watched, as long as she got to come. She shouldn’t be thinking about this, shouldn’t be wanting it, but she did. She wanted Zach to watch her fuck Ethan. She wanted Zach to touch her while she did, and maybe even fuck her, too.

But how could she give in to that fantasy without alienating Ethan? Without going back to the wild child she’d left behind? They had only begun their affair, and she wanted to see where it could go. Their relationship wouldn’t go anywhere if she let another man fuck her in front of him. Had she not learned anything in her year off?