Surrender to Desire

By: Tory Richards

The memory of that morning taunted her, reminded Callie how wonderful it felt to have an orgasm from a man, and not her own fingers for a change. She wanted to experience it again, wanted Blade’s mouth on her breasts and nipples, and his hands on her everywhere. She wanted his cock inside her. Just the thought of that massive tool plunging inside her caused her breathing to escalate. Before she lost her nerve she smoothed her hands up and over the taut cheeks of his ass.

Shit! I’m in trouble.

They were as taut and solid as they looked! Before she knew it her touch turned into a caress. No longer massaging his hard flesh, she found herself smoothing her palms over him in a soft, exploratory way. She felt her heart in her throat at her boldness. Maybe now was a good time to leave.

Without warning Blade flipped over onto his back. Their eyes met, and Callie realized his weren’t as glazed as before. His color had come back, too. Only now it was flushed with something else. Desire?

“Don’t stop now.” The tone of his voice seemed a little stronger, too. Indicating her administrations were working.

His meaty cock was standing at full attention, longer and bigger now that it was hard and filled with blood. Callie gasped, as a scorching heat engulfed her entire body. She was creaming in her pants, and could barely breathe. Her gaze rose to his.

She slowly shook her head. “You shouldn’t do anything that will cause your body stress, Blade; you should stay as relaxed as you can.” Why did her voice sound so weak?

“Then continue your massage, honey.” He laid back and closed his eyes. “What you’re doing is working. I give you full reign.”

Trembling now, Callie began at his feet again, working his toes and trying to recall the pressure points that had been used on her. She glided without haste up his legs, and muscular thighs. The muscles flexed beneath her hands. She couldn’t take her eyes off his dick, watching it wobble back and forth as if it was searching for something. She was mesmerized by the amount of pre-cum gathered in the slit, so much so that it was running over the mushroom-shaped head.

Jesus! She felt a warm flood inside her pussy. Her body was alive and tingling. She wanted to take his cock in her mouth, but she was afraid if he got too worked up his migraine would come back full-force. Then Callie remembered something, an article she’d read about sex and migraines when she’d researched headaches and remedies for her grandmother.

Orgasms released endorphins, which work to relieve pain. Some people develop migraines during sex, while it actually takes migraines away for others. There was no way of knowing if it would work on Blade unless they tried it. She glanced at him. His color had returned. Callie knew what he wanted-what they both wanted.

“Blade, when’s the last time you’ve ah, had, ah, orgasm?” Callie felt scalding heat fill her cheeks. She’d never asked a man such a personal question before. Then she recalled what he’d said the morning before about coming on the ride home, but that had hardly been a normal situation. And most likely he’d fought it all the way.

He raised his head, capturing her eyes with his. “Is this a trick question?”

She shook her head.

“Making love with a woman,” He laid his head back. “Too damned long.”

A shudder passed through her. Well, she was about to rectify that. She carefully climbed on the bed and kissed the tip of his cock before she lost her nerve. Wiggling her tongue inside the slit, she was determined to get that liquid pearl.

“Fuck, Callie!”

His hips shot off the bed. Callie laughed softly before lowering her mouth over the length of his warm, rigid flesh. He rammed his dick further into her mouth as if he couldn’t help himself. Callie felt it touch the back of her throat, and she moved her mouth up and down, one hand caressing his balls and the other caressing his abs. As she gradually worked up speed, Blade’s fingers tangled into her loose bun.

His groans were deep and drawn out, his cock as hard as a rod, and lined with veins and ridges that made Callie yearn for it to be inside her, scratching the itch. She was empty inside and had a feeling his thick shaft would satisfy her hunger. Her pussy was pulsating with anticipation, her clit was buzzing. The faster she moved her mouth and hand up and down Blade’s cock, the faster he rose up to meet her.

“Jesus… you have a sweet mouth.” His voice broke with huskiness.

Callie could tell he was ready to climax. She decided to help him over. She took his balls into her mouth and rolled them around gently, at the same time reaching up to tweak his nipple. His grunt turned into a growl and she quickly took his dick into her mouth to catch the ribbon of cum spurting out of the slit.

“Ahhhhh!” His whole body quivered as she continued to suck him off, and then all she heard was his heavy breathing until he stilled.

His hand was still in her hair. It slipped down to her shoulder and he pulled her up next to him.

“Stay,” seemed all he could manage. Exhaustion had taken over.

Callie curled against his side. After a while his even breathing indicated he’d fallen asleep. She thought about slipping from his bed and going to her own room, and she would, in just a minute.