Surrender to Desire

By: Tory Richards

Just when Callie felt her body about to explode into a ball of fire, Blade removed his mouth and kissed his way up her body until he reached her lips. “Turn about is fair play.”

Callie’s instincts told her he was talking about the night before. “I made you come.” There was a quiver in her voice.

“As I will you.”

The taste and scent of his mouth when he kissed her turned Callie’s desire up another notch. But what almost sent her over the edge was the feel of his hot cock at the entrance to her pussy. He continued to kiss her roughly, but she was aware that he was reaching for something on the nightstand, too. When he broke the kiss she watched him tear the condom wrapper open, then remove the thin round circle.

“Help me, honey.”

He held his body away from her, giving Callie enough room to reach down and roll the condom over his erection. She was barely done when Blade growled and thrust forward, burying his cock inside her pussy all the way.

“Ahhhh!” Blade groaned deeply.

Callie couldn’t control her outcry of pleasure. His cock was huge but her body stretched easily, accommodating his girth and length as if she’d been made for him. The feelings of ecstasy almost made her pass out.

He didn’t move. Just rested on top of Callie while she explored the hard lines of his back, butt, and hips. He felt so good beneath her hands, his size and hardness electrified her. She gasped in sweet agony when his dick moved inside her body, seeming to swell even more, filling her so completely.

So this is what it’s like having a real man make love to me. Realizing Blade was staring down at her, Callie squeezed the muscles inside her pussy as hard as she could. The breath hissed through his teeth. He quivered slightly, and she grinned at his reaction. His expression revealed a man on the verge of losing control, and that pleased her.

When he began to move his hips Callie closed her eyes and arched into every thrust, moaning with contentment when his cock returned to take care of the itch deep inside her. Excitement kept her blood hot as his mouth and hands caressed over her breasts. She buried her hands in his hair as he sucked and tugged at her nipples. His speed picked up as his own excitement grew. She felt her orgasm building and knew it wouldn’t be long.

More than once Blade took his cock in his hand and rubbed the mushroom shaped head over her clit, driving Callie wild beneath him until she was gasping and moaning, and straining toward release. She climaxed hard, crying out at the force as it seemed to take control of her whole body and soul. Blade slammed his mouth down on hers, swallowing her passionate sounds. But there was no drowning out his deep guttural groans when he came, too.

“Fuck!” he rasped harshly against Callie’s shoulder, his hips jerking uncontrollably as he emptied his balls.

“I thought we just did,” she teased, unable to lift her voice above a whisper. She felt his smile against her neck when he turned his head. “If you’re not sure maybe we should do it again.”

Blade laughed, and pulled back to meet her eyes. “You take a lot out of a man.” He surprised Callie by kissing her. “I can’t seem to keep my hands off you.”

“I’m not complaining, Blade. And in case you haven’t noticed, I have the same problem.” She caressed his backside. A low moan escaped her when his deflated cock slipped out of her, leaving her with a feeling of emptiness.

He stared into her eyes for what seemed like forever, as if searching for something. Then without warning he rolled from her to the edge of the bed, and sat up. Callie decided it was time to vacate the room and give him some space. It was almost breakfast time. She rose to her feet and picked up her jeans and bra from the floor at the foot of the bed.

“I think it’s time I fix you some breakfast.”

She started to walk past Blade, surprised when his hand shot out and he grabbed her arm. The next thing Callie knew he was pulling her toward him, where he still sat on the edge of the bed. She kept her clothes between them.

“You better make extra. I’m starved.”

“You should be, you haven’t eaten in twenty-four hours. Are you working today?”

He nodded. “I don’t know what you did last night but it did the trick.” He pulled Callie into the cradle of his naked thighs. Her pulse jumped. “You must be a witch.” Reaching up, he wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her down for a kiss.

Callie moaned and dropped her clothes. She could kiss Blade all day. She leaned into him, until she was flush against his loins. A wild emotion fluttered in her belly when she felt his cock turning hard. He kissed her long and sensuously, until she was weak in the knees and there was a flutter in her chest. She could feel the juices of her renewed desire running down the inside of her thighs. Blade’s hand fell to her breast, caressing her achy flesh until the kiss ended.

His hot gaze fell to her breasts. “Damn, lady.” His thumb played with her nipple. “You better leave before I toss you back onto the bed and fuck the hell out of you again.”

Oh! Callie felt a light tingling between her legs. His words and the erotic image they conjured up left her feeling hot and breathless. She was eager for another round but didn’t want to come off as being too slutty. She dragged up a smile from somewhere inside and nodded. He scooped up her clothes, and she took them and walked with quiet dignity from his room, very much aware that his gaze was following her.