Surrender to Desire

By: Tory Richards

“Yes, ma’am.”

Her eyes were hazel, not brown as he’d first thought, and framed with thick black lashes that brushed her cheeks when she blinked. They rounded with happy surprise at his response, and damned if her sexy mouth didn’t form into a shape that made his cock jump with excitement.

Down boy! There’s no way she’s going to bring you any relief.

“Then I am going in the right direction!” Her enthusiasm cut into his thoughts. “Thank goodness. How much further down the road is it?”

“It’s too complicated to explain and I doubt you’d find it in the dark. You’re on the back road. I’ll take you there.”

“But what about my car?”

“Someone can come get it for you and deliver it to the ranch.”

“Will it be safe here?”

Blade chuckled, and then he realized she was serious. “This isn’t New York, ma’am. And you’ve been on Evans land for the last ten miles. It will be safe.”

She released a sigh. “I’m from New York, it’s not all bad there,” she said defensively, with a spark in her eyes. “Do you work for the Evans?”

“You could say that.”

“I really didn’t want to meet them all disheveled like this, and delivered on a horse, but I guess it could be worse.”

Blade had to wonder how. He was sitting there with a cock so hard it hurt, and the only thing keeping her from knowing about it was the layers of material from her skirt. If he didn’t get some relief soon he was going to be a basket case. It wasn’t Callie’s fault he hadn’t been this close to a woman in months, with the exception of Marissa. But she was off limits.

“You’ll need to turn around before we can leave.” Blade knew he could ride with her the way she was but that would be sheer torture having the front of her body rubbing against his with every step Calypso took.

“I don’t have to get down, do I?” She looked nervously at Satan.

“No, ma’am. Just turn around and face the front. I’ll help you.”

“By the way my name is Callie,” she offered, her face softened with a smile.

He gave a slight nod of his head. “Blade.”

Her eyes widened. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Evans.”

Blade glanced at the hand she held his way, then back up at the shining light in her friendly eyes. “Just Blade, ma’am.”

“Okay.” She lowered her hand. “How do I turn around?”

Damn. He wished the eagerness in her voice was for something else. Then Blade realized he needed to get his libido in check. “Lift your leg, ma’am.”

She looked at him with a-deer-in-the-headlights look.

“I promise not to let you fall.” He didn’t want to put his hands on her but he was forced to when she did what he asked and began to slide.

She gasped and grabbed the front of his shirt, and he took hold of her upper arms. The sudden urge to kiss her came out of nowhere and was so strong that he knew if he didn’t do something drastic he would give into it. What the fuck is wrong with me? He was acting like a randy teenager with one thing on his mind. With a sound of impatience to mask his arousal, Blade easily lifted her by the waist and swung her around until she was settled in front of him.

He sucked in a breath the second her rump came up against his cock. Fuck! How am I ever going to make it home like this? Callie’s soft sound of surprise revealed that she finally knew what his predicament was. She immediately sat up and away from his body, but all that did was force her ass tighter against him. He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth. Well, there was nothing he could do about it now.

He gave Calypso a firm squeeze with his calves, and they took off. He’d have to come back and get Satan in the morning.

Chapter 2

Ohmygod he has a hard-on!

Callie forced herself to take deep, even breaths and tried to ignore the movement against her backside. She thought she’d felt movement earlier, when she’d been facing him, but couldn’t be sure with the material of her skirt bunched up between them. Now there was no mistaking it. And every jolt of the horse forced her further into the biggest erection she’d ever felt. The man must be hung like a horse!

She giggled, while at the same time a little thrill shot through her, knowing that it was meant for her. Callie couldn’t remember the last time she was nestled against a warm man that desired her. She’d been on the run for so long that she was never in one place long enough to form friendships, much less a relationship. The man was a stranger but she didn’t fear him. A friend of a friend knew Blade Evans and that was good enough for her.

Callie only hoped this was the end of the line, and she would be able to put down roots and not be afraid of looking over her shoulder anymore, that Donald would finally give up and leave her alone. He just had to get it through his head that their relationship was dead and she wasn’t going back to him. It was bad enough that she’d given him eight years of her life.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Blade’s arm snaked around her waist and he pulled her closer to him. She caught her breath, releasing it when his horse picked up speed, and she understood why. She was nestled tightly in the crevice of his thighs and her butt was riding up and down his cock with every movement. For the first time Callie noticed heavy breathing in her ear.