Surrender to Desire

By: Tory Richards

The darkness surrounding them, the rough movement of the horse beneath her, and the strength and hard body of the man behind her began to affect Callie in a delicious, sensual way. Soon a warmth surged through her body and she realized she was getting aroused. How could that be? She’d never contemplated having sex with a stranger before, but she might consider it with a man like Blade. From the moment she’d looked into his dark, slightly humorous eyes she’d felt a spark.

And he must have felt something, too, since his cock was still hard against her. Maybe they were just two lonely people caught up in a moment, hungry for something they hadn’t had in a long while, a physical connection between them feeding the hunger of the moment. Callie knew she wouldn’t mind getting a little, especially from a man as sexy as Blade.

She could have gotten out of the tree on her own, but when she’d glanced down to see a big, handsome cowboy below, the situation had changed. At a hundred and seventy-five pounds and five-feet-ten, Callie had curves, but he’d looked like he could handle them. So she’d played the damsel in distress and accepted his help, falling into his lap as ladylike as she could in a skirt.

Now she was sorry she had because she was getting hornier by the second. So much so that she wished the hand controlling the reins in front of her would let them go long enough to slide under her skirt and touch her. Just the thought caused her clit to tingle. When they’d first taken off, Callie had tried to hold herself away from him-she didn’t want Blade to think she was a slut or something. But as the minutes ticked by she grew more and more relaxed against him, enjoying the ride and the feel of his desire, even while it made her grow hotter.

She hoped the lights ahead were an indication that they were nearing the ranch. It was pitch dark now, and Callie guessed they’d been riding for about fifteen minutes. She was surprised when Blade slowed his horse down to a walk.

`“It’s very dark out here.” She felt compelled to break the silence between them. “Where I come from you can’t see the stars.”

“You’re going to find a lot of things are different out here.”

His voice was close to Callie’s ear, sending a shiver of awareness down her spine.


Callie decided it was better to let him believe that, even though the temperature felt good to her. “Maybe a little.”

“We’re almost there. I’ll let you off at the house so you can go in and get warm.”

“Please don’t go to any trouble. You’ve done enough for me.”

“No trouble at all, ma’am.”

She liked the way he said ‘ma’am’. The Texas drawl made his tone almost seem like a caress. It had an intimate ring to it that gave her goose bumps. Again she felt his warm breath against her ear, and a sigh escaped her before she could stop it. That monster cock of his hadn’t let up one bit. She wondered if he might be wondering what was going through her mind. There was no way not to notice the persistent pounding.

Is he waiting for some kind of acknowledgement from me? Well, it was only fair wasn’t it? She knew he was hot for her, why shouldn’t she show him that she was just as turned on? It’s not as if anything was going to happen between them. And besides, it was his fault that she was horny.

As the horse jolted forward with every step, she leaned further into Blade. He already thought she was cold. She wiggled her hips into the cradle of his, melting inside when his dick pushed against the crack of her ass.

Blade sucked in his breath and the arm around her waist flexed. “What the hell are you doing?” The anger in his tone was laced with another emotion, something raw and basic. His tone was ragged.

Callie smiled, knowing that he couldn’t see her. “I’m sorry, I’m cold, remember?” She wasn’t normally a tease, but her naughty side had surfaced. She suddenly felt empowered with the knowledge that he wanted her, and it was only natural that she wanted to see how far she could push him.

They reached the large ranch-style house and Blade pulled his horse to a stop next to a door where the outside light was on. Several lights were also on inside the house. He quickly slipped to the ground and reached up for Callie. Smiling innocently, she linked arms with him and slide down the front of his body until her feet were on the ground.

For a moment they stood there, body’s flush, meeting each other’s eyes. Blade was a lot bigger than she had first thought. He towered over her head, and his large frame made her feel small. She could feel the defined muscles in his arms where her hands were gripping him. Her breasts were crushed against him, and she could feel the thickness and power of his thighs through her skirt.

“Thank you.” Was that her soft voice?

“Let’s get you inside where it’s warmer.”

He released Callie and turned. She followed him up some steps and through a door that led into the kitchen where a woman was sitting at a small round table. She’d been writing something, but her head came up as they entered.

A smile spread across her face upon seeing them. “Well, I’d about given up hope on you.” Her comment was meant for Blade. “I was just writing you a note.” Then she turned her gaze on Callie. “You must be Callie.” She got to her feet and wobbled over to them. She had to be about eight months pregnant.