Surrender to Desire

By: Tory Richards

Callie took a quick glance down the legal-sized sheet of paper. The list was extensive. Most of it contained the kind of food Blade liked, the schedule when he liked to eat, how he liked his coffee. She smiled when she got to the part that said, ‘he has an occasional migraine, stay away from him, he’s like a rabid bear’.

“You’re reading the part about the migraine?”

Callie met Marissa’s laughing eyes. “I know migraines aren’t a laughing matter, but it’s hard to picture a big man like Blade suffering with them.

“Not often, but when he gets one it can lay him up for days. No telling what sets them off. The best thing you can do is just leave him alone.” She picked up her purse. “No telling how long he’ll be working tonight. Why don’t you take a shower and relax. Begin work tomorrow.”

“I’m afraid everything is in my car, miles down the road.”

“Just a minute.”

Callie watched Marissa turn, walk down a hallway and disappear into one of the bedrooms. When she came out she had something in her hands.

“If you don’t mind wearing something borrowed.” Marissa handed the soft ivory colored garment to Callie. “It’s clean.”

“Thank you.” Marissa held the shirt-style garment up, taking in the tiny pearl buttons that ran from the neck to the hem. The material was thin and delicate. “It’s beautiful.”

“It’s yours. And now I need to get home before Beau comes looking for me.”

Callie closed the door behind her, turned, and sighed. Remembering the lasagna in the oven, she checked to see if it was done before removing it from the rack and turning the oven off. The clock on the stovetop said it was six-forty-five. She’d been up since five o’clock that morning, and suddenly exhaustion had caught up with her.

I think I’ll do what Marissa suggested. Take a nice long shower, and maybe turn in early.

She could begin her housekeeping duties in the morning, starting with Blade’s coffee, eggs over easy, and Texas toast.

Chapter 3

Oh crap! Callie jumped out of bed the next morning, swearing when she realized she’d forgotten to set the alarm. It was five till six. That meant she had five minutes to get Blade’s breakfast ready. Voices drew her blurry gaze to the TV, which was still on. She’d fallen asleep and slept the whole night through. She rushed to the bathroom, splashed some cold water onto her face, and dashed from her room.

Her mind was racing as she quickly filled the coffee pot. She found the Texas bread in the fridge and popped two pieces into the toaster that was on the counter. The clock on the stove showed it was ten minutes after six. Grateful Blade was running late himself that morning, she began to search for a frying pan. Just as she found one in the bottom cupboard next to the stove, footsteps behind her revealed Blade had entered the room.

“Good morning!” Callie was so nervous she didn’t give a thought to the way Blade was looking at her, or the reason why. “I’m so sorry I’m late the first day. I, ah, forgot to set the alarm. I fell asleep watching TV and slept right through the night. I never do that. I must have been really tired.” She knew she was chattering a mile a minute but couldn’t seem to stop herself. She was nervous and aware she hadn’t made a very good first impression her first day on the job. “Coffee will be ready in a minute. Just let me get these eggs going.”

“Hold on!” he barked.

Callie stopped what she was doing and waited for him to continue. He was dressed much like he was the day before, looking very masculine and capable of anything. As the silence grew between them she began to calm down. And that’s when she became aware of other things, like the smell of coffee filling the kitchen, the sensual heat in Blade’s eyes as they lingered on her, the tic in his square jaw. Is he angry with me?

She knew the nightshirt covered her decently, stopping at mid-thigh. Marissa was a little smaller than her, so the material covering her breasts was stretched and she’d been forced to leave some of the buttons undone. Callie glanced down to make sure nothing was hanging out. It was worse than she thought. She wanted to groan when she saw how much cleavage was exposed, and that her hard, brown nipples looked like they were about to poke right through the filmy shirt.

Her gaze returned to Blade’s in time to see he was staring down at her breasts. She wanted the floor to open up and swallow her, praying he didn’t think she’d dressed like this to come on to him. Surely he remembered she didn’t have anything with her. When his gaze drifted lazily back up to her, Callie offered him a shy smile.

“Marissa gave this to me.” A slight draft brushed over her legs, and for the first time she noticed how short the shirt hung on her. She reached down a little self-consciously to feel where the hem rested against her upper thigh.

His left eyebrow raised a fraction, and he crossed his arms. “I’m not complaining. You show up every morning dressed like this and you can be as late as you want.”

Her lips parted in surprise. That sounds like a compliment! His comment made Callie flush with heat, as her body responded. She knew when a man liked what he was looking at. After eight years of so-so sex with a man who treated her like she owed him something for even looking at her, she was starved for some honest male reactions. It was nice seeing the desire in Blade’s eyes, turning them almost black.