Surrender to Desire

By: Tory Richards

Nervousness caused Callie to laugh. She wanted to look below his belt to see if he was aroused, but was afraid she’d give her interest away. Suddenly her thoughts filled with the hot dream she’d had during the night. She might have slept the night through but her dreams were erotic in nature and included Blade, and a ride on his horse that ended much differently than it had the night before.

Thinking about that made it hard to keep eye contact with Blade. His intense gaze looked like he could see right through her, and the last thing she wanted was him guessing that she was attracted to him. “Are you hungry?” Callie could have bitten off her tongue, aware he could take the meaning of her innocent question another way.

The smile in his eyes contained a sensuous flame, and the sexiest grin she’d ever seen spread slowly over Blade’s mouth. “Ravenous.”

Callie didn’t know what to do with that. Instincts warned her he wasn’t talking about food. She began to feel self conscious about the nightshirt she was wearing, it was much too intimate for an employee cooking breakfast for her employer. She would have changed before coming out but after waking late her concern had been in getting Blade’s breakfast started before he showed up.

Now, thanks to the smoldering look in Blade’s eyes and the movement she detected south of his belt, Callie was growing hotter by the second. He hadn’t even touched her yet and her nipples were tingling with a burning need. As her body hummed with desire she spun around. “Let me get your coffee. Do you drink it black?” She opened the cupboard above the coffee maker.

“Cups are up here.”

Callie was caught off guard by the sudden closeness of his voice. She hadn’t heard Blade move. All of a sudden he was behind her, opening the cupboard next to the one she’d opened. They were close-too close. She could feel the heat rolling off his body, enveloping her in a cocoon of pleasant heat. The pleasing aftershave he used teased her senses. She tried to pretend none of that was affecting her, but it would be a lie-everything about him affected her. The tingling intensified, moving from her nipples to her clit.

Damn! She didn’t know how long she could ignore the urge to let Blade know she wanted him. Not as a friend or employer, but as a lover. A one-time mindless fuck to cure the itch between her legs. Callie never thought she would miss sex, but she hadn’t counted on meeting someone like Blade either. Her woman’s intuition told her that sex with him would be mind-blowing.

Barely breathing, she watched his hand remove a cup and set it on the counter in front of her. Feeling her heart in her throat, she slowly turned against him to face him. Their gazes met, his smoldering with a flame that fueled Callie’s hunger. Then Blade surprised her by reaching forward and tucking the hair near her face behind her ear. Callie’s thick, long hair fell to her waist. Maybe it was a bit old fashioned but she’d always felt it was one of her best assets.

“Pretty hair,” he finally said. His intense gaze slowly moved over her face, as if searching for something. “For a beautiful lady.”

Beautiful? Something inside Callie opened up like a blossom beneath the warm sun. When is the last time anyone has called me beautiful? Her breath quickened when Blade leaned closer. Was he going to kiss her? Her mouth parted with anticipation. If he didn’t kiss her she was sure as hell going to kiss him. She tilted her face to meet him halfway.

The slightest hint of a smile covered his lips, reaching the glimmer in his eyes. He knew! He knew what he was doing to her. Only Callie didn’t care. The years of submitting to a man who thought foreplay was grabbing her pussy had her wondering what sex would be like with someone else. Blade was slowly seducing her with just the heated promise in his eyes, making her wet between her legs and weak in the knees.

“I’ve been thinking of these lips all night.” He ran his finger over her bottom lip in a gentle caress.

His admission caught Callie off guard. She felt his other hand burrow beneath the hair at the nape of her neck. Slowly his fingers curled until he had a handful of hair. She whimpered as he slowly lowered his face.

“And what they’d taste like early in the morning, against mine.”

Using her hair to his advantage he pulled Callie up toward him until their faces were mere inches apart. Her hands flattened against his chest for support. Their breaths mingled into one and then Blade was taking hers away, along with her willpower, in a kiss that sent spirals of ecstasy through her veins.

Callie moaned with a growing hunger, accepting his sensual attack on her lips. His firm mouth moved persuasively over hers, but tenderly, as though savoring their first kiss, before tracing the part in her lips that would gain him access to the inside of her mouth. When their tongues meshed his groan vibrated throughout the kitchen, and then he was crushing her against his hard body.

He seemed to lose control. Callie sensed what she was experiencing was the real man beneath Blade’s quiet exterior. She had the feeling he was more of a take action kind of man, and that was all right with her, because right now his action was causing an inferno inside of her. A kaleidoscope of primal emotions that threatened to consume her was exploding throughout her entire body. She’d never been so overwhelmed with desire.