Surrender to Desire

By: Tory Richards

Callie was speechless. She’d done that to him?

“Then you dropped down into my lap and I knew I was in trouble.”

Someone knocked on the kitchen door, and then Callie heard whoever it was turn the doorknob to come in. Her eyes widened with disbelief and fear that she was going to get caught in her birthday suit. She wasn’t expecting to see the humor grow in Blade’s eyes.

“Relax, the door is locked.” He picked up her ruined nightshirt. “Forget about breakfast. I’ll come back for lunch.” His appreciative gaze traveled from her bare feet all the way up to her eyes.

Suddenly embarrassed by her nudity, Callie took the garment from him. Thinking she’d been dismissed, she took a step to leave when Blade’s arm slid around her waist to stop her. She caught her breath.

“This isn’t done between us.”

His eyes held a sheen of purpose, and the underlying sensuality of his words captivated her. Recalling how his gaze had roamed up her body earlier, something naughty inside Callie asked, “Would you like to have me for lunch?”

Whoever was outside the kitchen door knocked on it again, louder this time. “Surprise me,” Blade said, and pivoted toward the door. “I’ve got to get to work.” He put his hand on the doorknob but waited, his gaze on her.

Callie backed her way out of the kitchen, keeping the ruined nightshirt in front of her. When she was out of sight she turned and fled to her room. She shut the door behind her and fell upon her unmade bed.

Lord, what have I got myself into? And why does Blade have to be so darn sexy? She ran her hands down her body, pausing at her sensitive nipples. She shivered with pleasure remembering his mouth on them. She let another hand travel down to her pussy, finding her hair wet and sticky. Further exploration revealed evidence of her orgasm. She closed her eyes. How could she let a stranger have so much control over her body?

Callie knew the answer to that. Blade didn’t feel like a stranger to her. From the moment she’d first looked into his eyes she’d felt a connection, something that told her he was a good man and would never hurt her. Could he be the one? The soul mate her mama always told her she would find one day? No…Callie wasn’t even sure she believed in soul mates. The thing between her and Blade was just lust, that was all. Lust she could accept.


Blade sat atop Calypso and stared down into the valley. The herd of Longhorns was grazing contentedly. Some of the females were pregnant, thanks to Satan. After seeing that the bull had made it home and back into his pen, he’d taken a long hard ride to clear his head. The only thing Blade was clear on was that he wanted Callie, and the little taste of her he’d sampled that morning had just whet his appetite. He intended to have all of her, and he was pretty damned sure the lady felt the same way about him.

Damn Marissa for thinking that hiring a full-time housekeeper was necessary. She’d apparently forgotten that until she came along, the three Evans’ brothers had managed just fine without a female under foot. The only reason Blade had agreed was to set her mind at ease, and help her relax in preparation for the baby. He released a long breath. One minor problem taken care of.

But what the hell am I going to do about Callie? There sure as hell was nothing minor about her.

He thought about their steamy episode in the kitchen. If they hadn’t been interrupted it would have ended a lot differently. Blade knew he would have picked her up and fucked her right there on the counter top. Walking into the kitchen and seeing what little she was wearing, and all that glorious hair, had sealed her fate, and she’d been wildly receptive. Blade had to get his mind off Callie because he was getting a hard-on, and worse than that, he felt one of his migraines coming on.

Jax Brady, his ranch manager, waved up at him. It was nearing the end of the day and the men would start heading in. Blade waved back. Everything was okay, no reason to keep anyone behind. He tapped Calypso’s sides with his heels and headed toward home, too. By the time he made it to the stables his head hurt so badly he could hardly see. He made quick work at untacking and taking care of Calypso before walking unsteadily to the house.

The first thing that hit Blade when he opened the kitchen door was the aroma of dinner. It smelled damned good but he knew he wouldn’t be eating anything that night. Callie turned from the stove. He barely looked at her.

“I’m getting a shower and going to bed.” Blade slammed the kitchen door behind him and continued to his room.

He was hoping she’d get the message and leave him alone.

Chapter 4

Callie watched Blade walk through the kitchen and disappear into one of the bedrooms down the hallway before turning back to the stove. He didn’t need to tell her he had a migraine. The glaze in his eyes and paleness of his complexion told her he was in pain. She turned off the beef stew, then bent and removed the corn bread from the oven. Marissa’s note about leaving Blade alone when he had a migraine almost made her stop from going through with her plan. But if it worked, it would take Blade’s migraine away, or at the very least help ease some of the symptoms. Callie just couldn’t let him suffer needlessly if she could help him.