The Fate Of The Muse

By: Derrolyn Anderson

I sighed, “Ethan?”


“Do you think that maybe…”


I bit my lip, “Uhm… Sometimes, I think that it’s never going to live up to your expectations… I mean, you do know that when we’re married things won’t always be perfect… right?”

His eyes were so blue I wanted to go for a swim in them, and they bored into mine, “All I expect from you is one thing.”

“What’s that?” I whispered.

“All I want from you is everything.”

“OK,” was all I could manage.

I could feel the tides between us slowly turning, washing all my lingering doubts away. There was no place to go now but forward.

“Now,” he said, brushing the hair from my face, “Tell me what happened at Evie’s.”

And so I did.