The Trouble with Flying

By: Rachel Morgan

“Eeek! Okay, chat later.”

I put the phone down and start praying. “Please, please, please …”


From: Alivia Howard <[email protected]>

Sent: Mon 3 Feb, 7:39 pm

To: Adam Anderson <[email protected]>

Subject: I send emails cos I’m old fashioned that way

I’m in!!!


Look out for


coming in August 2014!

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Thank you, God, for speaking to me through coincidences, for allowing me to grow up in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and for showing me that you exist not only in the magnificence of creation, but in the most intricate workings of the universe.

Thank you, Katie, for being the very first reader of The Trouble with Flying, and for loving Sarah’s story.

Thank you, Mariska and Nicola, for saving the reading world from my abysmal Afrikaans skills by translating Elize and Simone’s words into Afrikaans that makes sense.

And thank you, Kyle, for being my happily ever after, my right kind of safe, and for letting me fly.