This Is How It Happened

By: Jo Barrett

It is rumored that Ms. Piatro announced her pregnancy to the Giganto Board of Directors in June, but despite the news, they voted to install her as CEO two months later in August.

Ms. Piatro began her career as an executive consultant with Henry Wrona Public Relations and Marketing, a boutique firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. She later moved on to become Vice President of Organics 4 Kids where it is rumored she developed the business plan for the company and then left under hostile circumstances.

Within a few months, Ms. Piatro became a rising star at Giganto as Vice President of the Organic Children’s Division. The Financial Daily News reported that Ms. Piatro was “The Person to Watch,” and Investor’s Magazine named her in its prominent list of “The Top Ten Executives of the Year.”

According to the latest Annual Report to Shareholders, Ms. Piatro has transformed the Organic Foods division into Giganto’s most profitable unit, causing the stock price to rise a hefty 30 percent.

When asked whether the recent bankruptcy announcement by CEO Carlton Connors, of Organics 4 Kids, had anything to do with Giganto’s enormously profitable performance, Ms. Piatro replied, “The failure of Organics 4 Kids was not due to direct competition from Giganto, but rather from a company that had lost its direction and turned away from its founding principles.”

In a rare speech given at the Worldwide Organic Food Conference in San Francisco, California, where she accepted an award for her charitable contributions, Ms. Piatro was magnanimous in her words…

She first thanked the employees and staff of Giganto for their hard work and dedication, along with her husband, and her brother, Ronald Piatro, who Chairs the nonprofit drug rehab program: “The Miracle Teens.”

“Companies are only as vibrant as the people who run them,” Ms. Piatro said.

When teased by a reporter about whether Ms. Piatro would assume her husband’s last name, she laughed and responded, simply, “My husband has never told me his last name.”

Ms. Piatro’s husband is rumored to work undercover for the FBI.