Vignettes of a Master

By: Jason Luke

I heard Leticia moan, and then she softly called my name once more. I felt my fingers bunch into a tight fist of anticipation… and then she exploded; her entire body released in ecstasy of an orgasm. Her legs tensed, then thrashed, and her thighs fell wide open. I saw the toned muscles of her abdomen heave and then pulse, as the waves of her pleasure rippled out to all parts of her body.

Shh Mom’s Reading

March, 26th.

Jonah finds out Leticia is going to interview Jason Luke about a second book.

“You’re going to interview Jason Luke?” I was incredulous. Somehow, this felt like the worst kind of betrayal. Leticia nodded, and her expression was grim and determined. “Yes,” she said, and then some of her cold austere reserve crumbled away, and she reached for my hand. “He has the power, Jonah. Despite what you might think, he controls your world. I’m hoping that I can convince him to let you live through the sequel.” I turned away, feeling a sudden surge of anger that I was unaccustomed to. Jason Luke was a jerk. “I forbid it,” I said, turning back to Leticia, my eyes cold, but my temper blazing. “I forbid you to meet this man.” She shook her head and snatched up her handbag from the sofa. “I am prepared to do whatever it takes to convince Jason Luke to let you live,” she said levelly. She unbuttoned the top three buttons of her blouse so that the tight cinch of her cleavage was obvious, and then hoisted her skirt an inch higher up her knee. “Anything and everything it takes, Jonah.”

A note from Jason:

This was another scene where I got a mention in the unfolding events – and, just like the others where I was able to interact with the fictional characters, it proved to be tremendously popular with readers.

Shh Mom’s Reading

March, 26th.

Jonah teaching Leticia how to talk dirty on the phone.

“Erotic conversation is an art form,” I explained to Leticia. I stood close beside her so that my words were like a seductive, hypnotic whisper. “Without the benefits of sight to fuel your listener’s imagination, you must create the mood only with the tone of your voice and the words you choose.”

Leticia nodded her head, but didn’t turn. She stood staring out of the big window, listening to my every word, but not daring to turn – not willing to see the hungry look in my eyes.

“You must keep your voice soft, use your words carefully. The point of the exercise is to arouse the listener. You can’t be crude – that doesn’t work. You need to seduce, Leticia… seduce the person you are calling with the sound of your voice alone.”

Jason Luke Author Page

March, 28th.

Jonah's response to Leticia's ex boyfriend showing up and wanting her back.

I stared at Leticia, and my face was expressionless: cold and devoid of any emotion.

“So that’s your news?” I asked. “You came her tonight to tell me that your ex boyfriend wants you to return to him?”

Leticia nodded. She was sitting on the old leather sofa, her legs folded up beneath her, and her hands in her lap.

I shrugged. “Leticia, why are you telling me this?”

“Because I want you to tell me what to do,” she said, and her hands suddenly fluttered. “I want to know if you and I have a future together, Jonah. I want to know that before I make a decision.”

I shook my head slowly. “No. I won’t tell you that,” I said. “Leticia your life is your own. The choices you make are your own. Free will reigns. You decide what is best for you. You either go back to your boyfriend, or you stay in the city. That is your decision.”

Leticia looked crestfallen. “Wouldn’t you care, Jonah?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “But not enough to stop you from leaving. I can’t be responsible for your life, or your choices. You must do what you believe is best for you. Play it safe… or take a chance…”

Jason Luke Author Page

March, 28th.

At a party, Leticia observes a beautiful woman pass Jonah her hotel key and she waits to see what he will do.

I looked up and saw Leticia standing before me.

“I have been watching you,” she confessed. “For the past ten minutes.”

I smiled. “Good.”

Leticia shifted her weight as though she were uncomfortable. She folded her arms, and her expression became a frown of concern. “I saw that beautiful woman hand you her hotel key, Jonah. I saw the way she smiled at you. I know that smile – every woman does. I know what it means…”

I kept smiling. “Leticia…? You sound jealous.”

Leticia huffed. She uncrossed her arms, but then folded them again a moment later. “I’m not jealous,” she lied badly.

I reached into my pocket and held out the key the woman had handed me. It was a hotel key for one of the rooms above where the party was being held. “Is this the key you saw the woman hand me?”

Leticia nodded. A sudden flush of hectic color spread across her cheeks. “Yes,” she said. And then added, “And I saw the way you followed her with your eyes when she walked away, Jonah. Women know that look too…”