Vignettes of a Master

By: Jason Luke

~The Blushing Reader

Interacting with readers during the Facebook live tour, Jason Luke proved what a talented and creative writer he is. This experience provided readers a unique opportunity to interact with him.

~Seductive Romance

Jason Luke’s writing was fantastic! For him to come up with such sexual, moving and erotic paragraphs in such a short time was literally breath taking. We as a page were excited to be part of this world wide live writing tour; we can see his name going so far in the future.

~Two Ordinary Girls and Their Books

Interview with a Master was intriguing and extremely different from anything I'd read. Jason Luke's World Tour was unique and I found the way he engaged with his readers was not just professional, but remarkable.

~Kelsey’s Korner Blog

It was such a rush for me to be able to participate in Jason Luke's World Tour. The turnout was amazing! I am in complete awe at his talent. It's incredible how he can write so eloquently while under pressure. It was a pleasure to take part!!!

~In Stefter’s Humble Opinion

We were honored to kick off the Jason Luke World Tour. We already knew the man could write, but seeing him come up with these paragraphs on the fly was truly an experience we will never forget. Thank you!

~Rebel Book Chicks

Rebel Book Chicks

March, 17th.

Jonah and Leticia in his training room.

We walked through the door into the training room, and I stood back and let Leticia enter first. Her step was cautious, as though she was unsure what to expect. I leaned inside the open doorway and watched her until she reached the middle of the room.

"You've been in here before, and yet you seem nervous."

Leticia spun on her heel to face me. There was a hectic little flush of color on her cheeks. She nodded and her eyes swept the room then came back to me. "When I was here before it was as a journalist. Now I'm here as something quite different - aren't I?”

I nodded. "Yes. Tonight you are here as a woman. A very sexy woman, in fact. A sexy, sensual woman who is about to embark on a journey of self discovery."

Leticia smiled. "With your help..."

"Oh, yes," I smiled wolfishly. "And I'm a very hands-on kind of guide."

Rebel Book Chicks

March, 17th.

Leticia and Jonah when he finds out his tumor is shrinking, at the doctor's office.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again now - I don't like surprises.

I have an ordered world - an ordered life - and to me, an unexpected surprise means I haven't anticipated and planned for the eventuality.

Generally, I guess people would call me a pessimist - I tend to expect the worst outcome. It means I am rarely disappointed.

Even pleasant surprises tend to annoy me.

But there are those rare moments... those moments when life can get turned on its head by a few words or a gesture. They are the times that confound me, and the times that I am reminded that not even Jonah Noble has all the answers or knows all that God has laid out.

We call it fate.

I've always believed that a man's life can be defined by a few rare moments: the moment he meets the love of his life, the instant the world hands him an opportunity that must be seized or lost forever.

This was one of those moments.

"Your tumor is shrinking," the doctor said.

Rebel Book Chicks

March, 17th.

Jonah watching Caroline move out.

I felt it in my chest: a steel band that wrapped tight and threatened to squeeze the blood from my heart. Caroline was standing beside her car, twenty feet away – but it might as well have been a mile. I stared at her with dark vacant eyes, overcome with a sense of desolation, yet unable to do the one thing that would heal the pain.

Unable to call her back.

She stood, silent and somehow broken, under the shade of the big tree. Fall leaves drifted down across the driveway. Overhead weak pale light was filtering though the canopy of shade in tiny winking lights. I felt the scald of unshed tears at the corners of my eyes. We locked eyes, and there was a silent desperate plea in her expression, and the pain in my chest came welling up, rising to the surface so that I had to step back inside the door, into the darkened recess where she couldn’t see the anguish… the heartache…

The doubt.

Rebel Book Chicks

March, 17th.

Trigg admits she has feelings for Jonah.

“Jonah, are you blind?” Trigg raged, and there was passion and emotion in her voice like I had never heard before. “Can’t you see what is right in front of you? I love you, Jonah. I always have!”

Perhaps she was expecting me to be shocked. Perhaps she was expecting some gesture of surprise. She got neither.

“I know,” I said simply.

“You know?” Trigg’s passion seemed to boil behind her eyes. Her face became flushed and her features distorted. Tears spilled down her cheeks and she cuffed them away with the back of her hand. “You knew I loved you, and yet you did nothing?” She shook her head in bewilderment. “Why, Jonah? Why not me? Why can’t you love and want me? Why?”

She began to sob. She bowed her head, crumpling as she leaned against the kitchen counter to support her weight. “Am I not young enough for you? Am I not pretty enough?” She tore at the buttons of her blouse and the soft silky fabric gaped open to reveal the lace cups of her bra. She was panting. “I’m a woman, Jonah, and I love you so desperately.”