Vignettes of a Master

By: Jason Luke

And it was here. In this simple bedroom, lit by the filtered light of the moon, in this young woman’s face: a beauty so rare, and so pure that for long seconds I could do nothing more than marvel, and be humbled by the gift of her love that she had given me.

Kelsey’s Korner Blog

March, 19th.

Jonah and Caroline at a bar.

“Don’t do that,” I said softly, but there was steel in my words. “Don’t cover your leg. The dress has fallen off your thigh, and I like the fact that other men in the bar can see the soft silk of your skin.”

Caroline nodded obediently. I could tell she was aroused, but she had been trained in obedience and part of her training had been for her to act in a demure manner unless ordered otherwise. This was a rare opportunity for the exhibitionist within her to be given life.

She swung on her bar stool, turning to face the crowded, smoke-filled room properly. There was jazz music playing in the background and she caught the beat of the music and it seemed to resonate within her; she leaned away languidly and arched her spine. The move was natural, and yet in doing so her breasts thrust out hard against the fabric of her dress. I watched her face closely: the idea of being on display aroused her, and I ran my eyes across the faces of the men in the crowd, seeing a glint of hunger in the way they stared at her.

Kelsey’s Korner Blog

March, 19th.

Jonah seeing Leticia across the room for the first time since she walked out of his life.

Time stopped.

There she was – there across the room. I felt the beat of my heart quicken, and a sudden tight fist seemed to seize my chest and squeeze it.

I held my breath. Leticia came into the room holding a wine glass, with an older man beside her. She was wearing a dark blue dress that hung low to the ground so that her shoes peeped from beneath the hem of the fabric with every step she took.

She looked beautiful – she seemed to glide across the carpet like love in motion, and I stood frozen as I watched her move amongst the crowd, laughing brightly, but the sound seeming artificial and forced in my ears.

I backed away a pace, made to leave the room, but the crowd was thick around me as well-wishers sought to catch my attention, steal just a moment of my time. But I only had eyes for one woman.

And then she saw me…

Kelsey’s Korner Blog

March, 19th.

Jonah and Leticia waking up together.

I lay perfectly still and gloated over her, aching to reach out, but denying myself and making the exquisite moment of anticipation linger until the ache to touch her was so fierce so as to be almost unbearable.

Perhaps she sensed me, perhaps some instinct told her that I was watching her. Her eyes fluttered and she came awake dreamily, stirring beneath the satin sheet and arching her back voluptuously.

I traced the tip of my finger across her cheek and she seemed to come instantly alive to me. Leticia’s eyes swam into focus and there was tenderness and loving in her expression. She sighed contentedly, and then there was a purr in the back of her throat filled with a more urgent, primitive meaning. I took her in my arms, bowed my head over hers, and stared deeply into her eyes for the longest time, until she finally lifted her face to mine, and I kissed her with a passion and hunger that I had never felt before.

Kelsey’s Korner Blog

March, 19th.

Jonah and Leticia out in the rain.

The rain fell in a soft grey curtain, misting the distant buildings and seeming to wrap itself around us so that, for a moment, it was just Leticia and I, walking together in a soft grey haze, removed from the world around us.

“I love you, Jonah,” Leticia said suddenly, stopping and turning to stare up into my face. Raindrops hung from her eyelashes like sparkling little jewels, and she shook them away and blinked. She shivered – perhaps from the damp – perhaps from nerves. I stared down into her beautiful face, and reached out with my hand to cup her chin so that she couldn’t look away.

I smiled. I looked past her shoulder and saw grey shapes looming out of the mist as people came from out of the distance and rushed past us on the sidewalk. I waited until they had passed, and until Leticia and I were alone again.

All alone.

“I have something to tell you,” I said softly. “Something I’ve been meaning to tell you for a very long time, Leticia. Something that just can’t wait to be said for a single moment longer…”

This Redhead Loves Books

March, 19th.

Jonah and his father.

“You’re not my son.”

I’ll never forget those words, or the venom in the way the old man’s voice cracked like a whip as he stood by the firelight, his frail body ravaged by disease, but his eyes still blazing fiercely.

“What do you mean? You disown me?”

The Old Man shook his head, and his laugh became mocking. Then suddenly he coughed and his whole body was wracked with pain. “I mean you’re not mine. You’re not a real Noble. You were adopted.”

I glared for long seconds, and felt the world I had known all my life suddenly tilt off its axis. I felt my mind reeling, felt everything around me begin to mist as the walls around me seemed to close in tight.