Vignettes of a Master

By: Jason Luke

I put down the phone.

And then I started laughing.

Rude Girl Blog

March, 24th.

Jonah and Leticia, training room, Leticia's first orgasm.

I felt Leticia arch her back in a voluptuous movement that drew the muscles of her back taut. I traced the line of her spine downwards, feeling each rounded knuckle of bone with my fingertips as though I were playing a musical instrument. Leticia shuddered beneath the soft touch of my hands and she tilted her hips forward and moved her weight so that I felt the press of her pelvis hard against the swelling flesh of my arousal.

I drew in a sharp breath, feeling myself pulse with life and Leticia gave a gasp that became a slow breathless little moan.

“You will come for me tonight,” I said. It wasn’t a question.

It was a command.

“You will give yourself to me willingly and you will do as I say.”

Leticia nodded. She pressed her naked breasts flat against my chest and her arms entwined around the back of my neck. Her soft lips parted and she hunted the flesh of my neck with her mouth as though suddenly ravenous. I threw my head back to the ceiling and felt the electric sensations of her mouth and tongue as it snaked down across the ridges of my chest, until I knew it was time. I knew instinctively that Leticia was ready…

Rude Girl Blog

March, 24th.

Leticia asking Jonah what he wants her to learn in the playroom.

“And so this is the room you would train me in?” Leticia asked. She had been here before, and yet she cast her eyes quickly across the bare simple furnishings to see if anything had changed.

It hadn’t. I had not been in this room since I had shown it to her.

“Yes,” I said simply. “This is where most formal training would take place. Training… and punishments…”

Leticia heard the ominous tone in my voice, yet she came forward boldly until she was standing in the middle of the floor, facing me. Six inches of space separated us.

She was close enough for me to reach out and caress.

Close enough for me to force to her knees.

Close enough for me to take her.

“What things would you teach me here? What kind of things do submissives learn?” she asked softly. Her voice had dropped a note and become subdued.

“Discipline,” I said.

“And what else?”

“Nothing,” I said. “In a BDSM relationship, discipline is everything. From it comes everything else. If you learn discipline, you become obedient. I don’t need to teach you the physical aspects of your submission, Leticia. I simply need to teach you to obey. Once you do - I assure you - everything else will be instinctive.”

Rude Girl Blog

March, 24th.

Leticia and Jonah in a Karaoke Bar.

The crowd parted, the noise subsided just a little… and I caught sight of the stage. It was a small, raised platform in the corner of the bar, with dark curtains drawn back on either side. In the center of the stage was a microphone on a stand.

I frowned. This wasn’t my idea of fun. This wasn’t the way I liked to enjoy myself.

Not at all. Not in a crowd, and not in a crowded bar.

Suddenly a spotlight split the gloom and it settled on the table where Leticia and I sat. I saw the blood drain from Leticia’s face and the mortified look in her eyes.

I looked at her in sudden alarm. “What’s wrong?” I sat up straight in my chair.

Leticia’s eyes were wide and terrified. “The spotlight,” she said, pointing. “It means one of the people at the table must sing.”

I said nothing.

Leticia was holding her breath.

“Can you sing?” I asked her.

She nodded. “A little. I had lessons…”

“Then you sing – because I’m not.”

The look of terror spread across her face and distorted her features as blind panic overcame her. “What? What do I sing?”

“Meatloaf,” I said instantly. “Bat out of Hell was the last great record ever made. Every single Jim Steinman song on that album was a classic. Pick any of them – they’re all brilliant.”

Leticia pushed herself away from the chair and walked like a condemned man towards the stage. I hadn’t told her one thing, and now I smiled to myself with wicked relish. Most Meatloaf songs run for six or seven minutes.

That would teach her to bring me to a place like this, dammit!

A note from Jason:

This was another suggestion for a paragraph that kept popping up on various Facebook pages. The problem I had was that I just could never imagine Jonah Noble in a Karaoke Bar. In the end I came up with a neat twist that made me smile.

Rude Girl Blog

March, 24th.

Porno and popsicles, Jonah and Leticia.

“Watching pornographic films can be educational,” I explained to Leticia. She perched herself on the edge of the sofa, and glanced at my face nervously – then her eyes flicked to the big television screen. Leticia had her feet planted on the floor, her knees pressed together, and her hands clasped tightly between her thighs, like maybe she was cold.

But it was hot. The sun outside beat in through the glass. I handed her a popsicle. “Sit back and try to relax,” I encouraged her. “There is no test afterwards, Leticia. I simply want you to watch the way the women in the film act when they are being instructed by their Masters. Watch the expression on their faces, and the look in their eyes. Learn, but don’t study.”