Vignettes of a Master

By: Jason Luke

The film burst into color on the screen and the scene began to unfold. I glanced at Leticia from out of the corner of my eye. On the screen a woman was on her knees before a Master. The woman was taking the man’s length hungrily between her lips while the man stood over her with his hands on his hips. Leticia watched, entranced.

It was the first time I had seen this film. I glanced back as the camera panned around for a close up view of the woman submissive.

Then suddenly I sat forward and felt the icy grip of shock squeeze like a fist around my heart. I knew that woman! I knew the porn actress.

It was Caroline!

A note from Jason:

Talk about pressure!

This was one of those suggestions that just wouldn’t go away. A group of readers were constantly urging me to write this scene, and for at least a week I kept avoiding it. How the hell could I include pornography and popsicles into a scene? Finally I bit the bullet.

Seductive Romance Reviews

March, 26th.

Jonah and Leticia’s first dance.

Food was sizzling softly on the hotplate. I stood in the entrance to the kitchen and watched quietly. Leticia was standing by a kitchen counter. She had slid back into her jeans. I glanced at the clock by my shoulder. It was after midnight. The kitchen was lit by a single light above the hotplates so that the room was cast in a golden glow. I watched the way Leticia moved, enjoying the simple grace of her.

And then suddenly, unaware that I was watching her, she began to sing.

It was a Hootie and the Blowfish tune. One I knew. Leticia had a surprisingly mellow husk to her voice – a soulful tone that I had not expected.

I crossed the kitchen and stood behind her. She bent at the waist to turn down the hotplate, and as she rose again I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned in a flicker of alarm.

I said nothing.

I slid my hand around her waist, pulled her close to me. I felt the warmth of her, the way her body molded to mine. Leticia blushed, and then smiled into my eyes.

And then I guided her across the tiled floor, and we slow danced, all alone, under the soft pale glow of the kitchen light while Leticia finished her song.

A note from Jason:

This was a case of art imitating life. I remember at the time selecting this scene suggestion the instant I saw it. By pure coincidence, my girlfriend, Vivien and I, had slow danced in our kitchen to a Hootie and the Blowfish song just two nights earlier.

Seductive Romance Reviews

March, 26th.

Caroline confronts Jonah after the articles are published.

Caroline held the newspapers out to me. Her hand was trembling. There was pain and heartache in her eyes. I didn’t accept the newspapers. I didn’t need to. I knew what Leticia had written.

“You said all this about me… about us, Jonah…?”

I nodded. “Yes,” I said.

She shook her head, and thrust one of the articles at me. “You never loved me?”

I said nothing.

Caroline’s voice rose, became strident. “You never loved me?”

I shook my head. “No, Caroline, I never loved you. I cared for you, I cherished you, I trained you… but I never loved you. That was never a part of our relationship. You knew that.”

She shook her head, and began to cry. Her whole body shook, and her sobs became great painful gulps of air, as though she were suffocating. “Don’t make what we shared together sound so clinical – so heartless,” Caroline hissed suddenly. “Guess what, Jonah?” she cuffed away tears that streaked down her cheeks. “I loved you! I couldn’t help myself. I adored you!”

Seductive Romance Reviews

March, 26th.

Leticia feeling sad with Jonah sleeping.

Leticia stood in the threshold of the bedroom for long seconds, reveling in the secret pleasure of watching Jonah sleep.

She stood quietly in the gloom, enchanted.

His body was muscled, but not overly so. She could see the planes and swell of his physique below the dark skin of his chest, covered with soft dark whorls of hair.

Jonah Noble’s body didn’t have the delicacy of the other young boys she had known; there was a maturity in his physique, a denseness of muscle that showed as he rolled onto his back, still sleeping soundly.

Leticia felt the burn of soft unshed tears at the corners of her eyes. She wanted to cross the room. She wanted to touch the man’s forehead, sooth away his worries and doubts. She wanted to crawl under the covers with him and curl her body around his, taking comfort in his size and energy.

But she didn’t. She turned away, closed the door quietly.

As always – even asleep – something kept Jonah Noble out of reach…

Shh Mom’s Reading

March, 26th.

Jonah finds Leticia pleasuring herself.

I felt like an intruder – this was something very private, very intimate. I took one small step away from the curtained window… and then paused… because I heard Leticia softly moan my name.

She was pleasuring herself, and I was the subject of her fantasies.

I edged back to the glass, looked down upon her laying across the bed. The sheets were a tangle around her feet, and her thighs were wide apart. She had one hand clutched tightly over her sex, and with the other she was pinching and caressing her nipples. Her head was thrown back, her back arched with the tension of her passion. I felt my own breathing become ragged watching her.